5 things to do while waiting Ploce to Trpanj ferry

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We often write about the city we live in – the city of Ploce. It’s a small city in southern Croatia and, honestly, it’s not as visited as nearby Makarska Riviera but that’s the problem we addressed in some of our previous posts. Most tourists coming to Ploce are the ones taking Ploce to Trpanj ferry that will lead them to the beautiful Peljesac peninsula.

But what happens is that most of the people waiting for the Ploce to Trpanj ferry get stuck in the queue for at least a few hours. So we thought that it might be a good idea to write about things you can do during these few hours instead of just waiting in the car.

ploce to trpanj ferry port
Ploce to Trpanj ferry port

The ferry ride from Ploce to Trpanj lasts around 1 hour in every direction so if you just saw the ferry leave and you have your place in the queue, you know that you have at least 2 hours you can spend somewhere in the city of Ploce.

So let us tell you about a few things you can do in our city.

walk the ploce sea promenade

As you’ll see from the ferry port, Ploce is not a tourist city like some others you saw on the Croatian coast. That’s because the city of Ploce is the youngest one in Croatia and it was developing together with a seaport which is the second largest seaport in Croatia today.

Boats on the sea promenade in Ploce

But still, even if it’s an industrial city, it has one of the most beautiful sea promenades in Croatia. It’s characterized by large palm trees and surrounding parks. Walking the Ploce promenade is something a lot of locals do every day, it’s almost as a ritual and this promenade have a special place in the life of every citizen of this city.

Overall, it’s much better to take this walk near the sea than to sit in the car scrolling on your mobile phone for 2 hours.

visit the old railway station

Not that old but it’s surely one of the most peculiar buildings in Ploce and maybe in the whole of Croatia too. At least when it comes to railway stations. It’s a building from which many important railway lines were present some 30 years ago.

A 360 Panorama of Ploce railway station

Unfortunately, Ploce railway station is not serving its purpose today because there is no more passenger traffic going on. The building is still where it was for all this time, waiting for some better times.

visit ploce croatia
Ploce railway station as seen from the outside

Ploce railway station is just a few minutes of walk from the ferry port and this old lady will be grateful for your visit.

visit one of the old parts of ploce

We mentioned that Ploce is the youngest city in Croatia and as such, there are no old city cores like in other Croatian cities, Dubrovnik for example. However, the city of Ploce is kind of a time machine that will take you back to the 1950s when this city started developing.

Prisnica hill engulfed in morning mist

Some older parts of Ploce are still preserved in the condition they were when they were originally built. Prisnica and Rogotinska street are one of the oldest parts and that’s easily visible from the way the buildings of these parts were built. We suggest visiting either of these places and if you have more time, visit both. Prisnica is closer to the ferry port and it will take you around 5 minutes to reach it.

Aerial view of Rogotinska street in Ploce

The city of Ploce has very peculiar architecture, you’re going to see that at the same moment you enter the city. One of the most prominent features of this architecture is the famous Ploce skyscrapers which rise just above the sea promenade. And if you look closely, you can easily see how different decades have different styles. It’s all visible right here, in the city of Ploce.

Famous Ploce skyscrapers and sea promenade in front of them

visit ploce homeland collection

Now if you want to find out more about Ploce, you better head toward Ploce homeland collection. We still don’t have any museums in Ploce and this is as close you can get to the museum experience. But this might change soon since there are some prehistoric archeological artifacts found near Ploce.

Ploce homeland collection is situated in Ploce public open school at Gracka 2 address. This collection of photographs and old items from the Ploce area will show you how the city became what it is today.

chill in one of ploce parks

If you are waiting for Ploce to Trpanj ferry and don’t feel like you want to walk at all but still don’t want to stay in the car, then chilling in one of the Ploce green oasis is the best thing for you. Two of Ploce’s main parks are a minute of walking away from the ferry port while the third one is situated along the sea promenade.

One of the city parks near to Ploce to Trpanj ferry port

Any of these parks will offer you a nice shade and you can even have a picnic there.

combining ploce to trpanj ferry with other activities in the area

Ploce area is one of the best places for adventure tourism in Croatia. Many people would laugh at this claim, but we stand by it. It has lakes, rivers, the sea, and mountains in the range of 10 kilometers. The problem is, the adventure tourism infrastructure is not developed.

Landscape of Bacina lakes

If your destination is Peljesac peninsula or southern Croatia, and you plan to take Ploce to Trpanj ferry, then you might consider coming to Ploce or its surroundings a day earlier, spend a night here and explore around.

Or you could come in the morning of the same day and take the latest Ploce to Trpanj ferry. There are many things to do around and one day would be enough to experience at least part of the beautiful places around Ploce. Bacina lakes and Neretva river mouth are the 2 most famous places and something you must visit when exploring the Ploce area.

Hope we manged to persuade you to explore around while waiting Ploce to Trpanj ferry. Have a great holiday and let us know if you need any tips regarding Ploce and its surroundings, we’ll gladly help you.

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