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When speaking about adventure travel in Croatia one has many different choices. Croatia is a beautiful and diverse country and its nature can make any of your adventure travel ideas come true. We spent a lot of time traveling around even before we started this agency. It all started with hiking and as our adventure appetite was growing we explored more and more activities. Even before that, we knew that adventure travel in Croatia is a perfect way to spend your vacation, or maybe just a day of it. We organize our kayaking tours near the Makarska and the city of Ploce in southern Croatia.

a place made for adventure tours

Guided adventure tours are something we do during the summer season in Dalmatia (southern part of Croatia) and we love doing it. We love to spend time outdoors and we love to hang around with nice people. Dalmatia is the perfect region for adventure travel and with our base being in the city of Ploce we cover a 30 kilometers radius around it which includes Bacina lakes, Neretva delta, Jezero valley, and Makarska Riviera. Adventure travel activities we organize include kayaking, sea kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, and cycling with more to come in the future. All of our tours are designed to be easy, relaxing and suitable for everyone.

small groups make better experience

 We prefer to have smaller groups of people doing the tour and we try our best to keep it that way. We believe that only in a small group can you experience a place and tour to the fullest. All of the tours are guided by a certified guide who will tell you a lot of interesting stories and facts about the tour area. We like to keep it interactive and all your questions are more than welcome. Since we are in photography business during the rest of the year, we always bring our professional camera with us so you’ll end up having some nice memories of your adventure.

IMPORTANT: Adventure tours are subjected to weather conditions. In the case of really bad weather, we will cancel the tour and inform you about it immediately. You will have a chance to choose another day for your adventure or you’ll get a full refund. In our communication, we’ll always inform you about the weather forecast for the upcoming tour so you can know what to expect.

All of our tours have to be booked at least 9 hours before the tour starts because we need to prepare all the equipment on time. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to come to the starting point without contacting us and do the tour.

our adventure travel experiences in 2023

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Our most popular adventure tour! Immerse yourself in the  beautiful and serene nature of Bacina lakes. A perfect and easy kayaking tour suitable for everyone. Bacina lakes consist of  7 lakes and it’s one of the rare places where you can escape the crowds during the high season in Dalmatia. In this tour, we’ll paddle through jungle – like canals, near water lily fields and enjoy the natural life of Bacina lakes.

Tour type: Kayaking

Venue: Bacina lakes

Tour start: Every day at 9 AM

Duration: 3 hours

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Want to enjoy Dalmatian sunset while kayaking in crystal clear Adriatic sea. Then this tour is perfect for you. Tour starts at Vira beach near Drvenik and covers one of the most beautiful parts of Makarska Riviera. And that’s not all. During the tour, we stop on a secluded beach for a short break and snorkeling and finally end our tour in a perfect Dalmatian sunset.

Tour type: Sea Kayaking

Venue: Vira beach – Zivogosce

Tour start: Usually at 6 PM
(varying according to sunset time)

Duration: 2 hours

adventure travel in croatia ideas and tips

After the season of adventure travel tours ends for us, it doesn’t mean the end of travel and exploration. We try to fill every free moment with an exploration of a new location. That’s how our adventure travel blog was born.

If you are interested in adventure travel in Croatia and you need some ideas about what to visit and where to go, explore blog posts and they just might give you the idea about it. If you have any additional questions regarding the outdoor beauty of Croatia, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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