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About maricevac tunnel

Maricevac is a tunnel with one of the most peculiar stories you’ll ever hear. It was made 100 years ago to take the water away from Jezero valley and make life more bearable for the locals who lived there. The tunnel is 2 kilometers long and it was dug without any machinery. Jezero valley was once a huge lake and locals were unable to grow any food on the bottom of this lake which was once a fertile valley, just like it is today. The only solution was to dig this tunnel and let the Matica river flow through it, first into the Bacina lakes and then from Bacina lakes into the sea.

And that’s how the Jezero valley became fertile soil once more. This tunnel still takes away the floods during the rainy seasons and it’s possible to pass through it only in the summer months. Take this unique opportunity and embark on a journey through the past while discovering all the secrets of this life-changing project.

maricevac tunnel tour info

We start this tour in Peracko blato, a village on the shores of Bacina lakes. Although the tour is done in the middle of the day, the temperature in the tunnel is like in the air-conditioned room and we suggest you take a shirt with long sleeves with you. Most of the tour is done in the tunnel and you won’t feel any heat at all. We meet on the parking lot of the main beach in Peracko blato and enter the Maricevac tunnel where we’ll spend the next hour and a half.

The bottom of the tunnel is made of concrete and it’s perfectly easy to walk on it. Our guides will guide you through the tour and you’ll find out every single detail about this peculiar tunnel. We’ll show you archive photos from the days this tunnel was being built. You’ll have the unique opportunity to observe the underground world of Dalmatia. Every guest on the tour gets his own headlamp.

At half of this tour, we exit the Maricevac tunnel on the opposite side where the main building once was. At that moment, you’ll stand on the empty riverbed of the Matica river which flows through the tunnel most of the year.

pricing and other info

Price for the Maricevac tunnel tour is 170 HRK for adult person and 90 HRK for children from 6 to 12 years  Please see the links below for further info on itinerary and what to bring on the tour.

Important info: All of our tours must be booked at least 9 hours before the tour start. You can book our tours via our contact form, Facebook page or WhatsApp numbers. These kind of tours are subjected to a weather conditions. We want to provide you with a best possible experience of every tour so if the weather is unfavorable we’ll cancel the tour and inform you about that. You’ll have an option to reschedule your tour or you’ll be given a full refund. We don’t have an office on any of our tour locations.

13:00 start of the tour

13:45 exiting on the opposite side

15:00 returning back to the starting point


certified guide

all necessary equipment (headlamps)


water (at least 1L per person)


cellphones, cameras, GoPro’s

shirt with long sleeves (optional)

regular walking shoes


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