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Omis ferrata is one of the most fascinating Via ferrata (iron way) trails in Croatia. These kinds of trails, that are in between regular hiking and rock climbing, are becoming more and more popular. So it’s no wonder that more and more of them are being made right in Croatia.

We have visited Omis ferrata some time ago and we plan to return to it very soon to make a documentary video for our Youtube channel.

As we already mentioned, Croatia is full of different ferrata trails, some of them are high in the mountains, some of them go through river canyons, but not so many of them rise above the city as Omis ferrata does.

Via ferrata in Cikola canyon

The city of Omis is a peculiar old town surrounded by mountains, nowhere in Croatia will you find such a blend of the mountain and the city. And logically, Omis is one of the most popular places for rock climbing in Dalmatia.

what is a via ferrata trail?

Let’s start with clarifying what a Via ferrata is. It’s a kind of a hiking trail secured by steel cables. It’s, even more, a climbing route than a hiking one, but it’s often considered to be in between regular rock climbing and hiking.

It’s not only steel cables that can be found in ferratas. There are often hanging bridges, steel ladders, and other adventurous marvels applied in these ‘iron trails.’ All of these securities are there to make the climbing experience available to a regular hiker or person not into rock climbing.

Via ferrata in Cikola canyon

Omis ferrata is one such trail. The route used in this ferrata would be dangerous if there wasn’t any security. It has some exposed parts in which you are at the edge of a few hundred meters cliff.

what equipment is necessary for omis ferrata

Every Via ferrata experience must be done with the use of proper equipment. Don’t even think about doing it without it. It can be really dangerous and there is a reason why steel cables were put in these trails.

Common equipment for ferrata trails includes a helmet, climbing harness, and Y rope with 2 carabiners. There are even Via ferrata sets you can buy in hiking shops. Apart from this climbing equipment, you need to have regular hiking equipment, especially hiking boots. Y rope system can be improvised with 2 carabiners and smaller rope.

our experience of omis ferrata

We were planning to visit Omis ferrata for a long time. At the time it was built, ferratas were not so common in Croatia. Omis ferrata starts near the Omis old city core and goes up to the Fortica fortress. If you are going slowly and stopping occasionally to admire the view, you’ll need around 3 – 4 hours to reach its end. You don’t need to have previous experience to enjoy this ferrata, but you need to have the proper equipment.

omis ferrata
Omis ferrata detail

We arrived in Omis early in the morning and parked our car at a local parking lot. We struggled a bit until we found the entrance of the Omis ferrata but we managed to do it with a help of Google maps. Once we were in the ferrata the feeling was awesome. It’s not hard although there are some exposed parts. If you use the safety equipment properly, you’ll be safe from any harm.

During the whole ascent, you get to enjoy the beautiful view of the city of Omis and the Cetina river mouth. We stopped numerous times, just to drink coffee and enjoy the view. It was hot even though it wasn’t summer yet. If you plan to visit this ferrata in the summer, beware of the heat and start early in the morning. Bring a lot of water too.

how we lost our gopro camera

We returned to Omis ferrata the very next day. We had an accident during the first-day climb. Or better said, our GoPro had an accident. We were recording a video of us climbing the ferrata and left our GoPro to record us while doing so. At one moment wind started to blow and pushed our GoPro over the edge. Although the fall could be more than 100 meters long, our camera miraculously stopped in the middle of the cliff, some 20 meters below us.

So the very next day, we returned with our ropes and descended down to find it. We didn’t know that it was where it was. We haven’t seen the fall and it could have happened that our GoPro finished bashed in the million pieces at the bottom of 100 meters high cliff. But fortunately, that wasn’t the case. I was searching the bush in the middle of the cliff and there were no signs of the camera.

I was ready to give up and climb my way out but I decided to push my arm in the bush one more time. And it was a moment I found our fallen GoPro. Without the scratch. It recorded its fall and turned off some 17 minutes later. Finding it in this bush seemed almost like a miracle.

how can you try this ferrata?

If you are wondering how can you climb the Omiš ferrata, let us give you some answers. If you don’t have any equipment and no experience of ferrata trails, we suggest you book a tour in the agency. There are few agencies that organize Omis ferrata tours and some of them are just 100 meters away from the starting point of ferrata.

When you book your adventure in the agency, you’ll get all the necessary equipment and a guide to accompany you along the way. The price for Omis ferrata tour is 400 HRK and the experience lasts for around 4 hours. Some agencies even offer transfers if you are staying in some other city and not in Omis.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced hiker and you did multiple ferrata tours, you can try this one too. You only need to have your own equipment.

Either way you choose, stay safe, responsible, and enjoy your adventures!

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