Croatia is a great country for many kinds of adventure tours and Dalmatia is where adventure tourism takes its best form. Our adventure travel agency is based in the city of Ploče (southern Dalmatia) and most of our adventure tours in Croatia are organized within a 20 km radius. It’s the only place in Croatia where you can find lakes, rivers, mountains and the sea traveling just 20 minutes in any direction. Adventures we organize include kayaking, cycling, hiking, rock climbing and sea kayaking with some new tours being introduced every year.

We pay special attention to providing the best possible experience when designing and guiding our adventure tours. We try to keep our groups small and include some additional activity or local products whenever possible. During the summer season of 2023 we are organizing Bacina lakes kayaking and Makarska Riviera sunset kayaking.

Enjoy Croatia and spend some time exploring the more adventurous and less crowded side of Dalmatia and Croatia.


Our most popular tour and perfect for everyone. Experience the unique beauty of stunning Bacina lakes – one of the most beautiful lakes in whole Croatia.

There are not so many things as beautiful and relaxing as the sunset in Dalmatia. This tour explores some of the most beautiful parts of Makarska Riviera.

about life and ventures project

Story of Life and Ventures began some time ago, it just didn’t have this particular name. It’s the project born out of love for exploration and travel deep into the heart of nature. Year after year we were discovering new things and falling in love with new adventure activities. You could say everything started with hiking. The time was passing by and the peaks we hiked became higher so we went to an alpine school. The era of rock climbing started and just like that we were climbing the high cliffs of Croatia. After the dry rock, it was time for some water activities. And a love toward kayaking was born. Before we could turn our heads we were training to become adventure guides in one of the largest Croatian adventure travel agencies. Spent two months kayaking some of the wildest Croatian rivers, and then three more months guiding adventure tours in some of the most beautiful landscapes of Croatia…

…and in that year project Life and Ventures was born. Guided adventure tours during the tourist season and adventure travel blog during the whole year.

We returned to Dalmatia after spending 10 years in Zagreb with an idea to start a small adventure travel company. We got all the necessary certificates, spent all of our savings on buying equipment and it was time to start. The idea behind the part of guided adventure tours in Croatia lies in the fact that we wanted to lead tourists to places otherwise hidden and introduce them to some more adventurous activities Croatia has to offer, meeting new people and making some new friends in the process.

And here we are, still living the same dream, making it better with every passing day…

Meet the guides

Hello there! We are Andrea & Mario, founders and adventure guides of Life and Ventures. We’re just two ordinary persons with extraordinary love toward being outdoor, discovering and exploring a world that surrounds us, often in a more adventurous manner. We are the ones that will guide you through your adventure travel in Croatia whether you choose to join us. We were born and raised in southern Dalmatia, it’s our home and playground and we’ll gladly share some of the places for the best adventure with you. We tend to have a more personal approach in our tours during which you are not merely our guest but also a companion with whom we share a common adventure.

We rarely rest. Even when the season of guided adventures is done we still keep exploring and preparing new tours for the years to come. You can find more about that in our Blog section where our adventures take virtual form. When we take a break from the world of adventure we are devoted to our photography/videography and design business. Constant development in the adventure tourism domain is something we strive for through new courses we participate in.


Pretty side of L&VE. She started her adventure life with scuba diving and continued with other activities. She loves to travel and she can’t wait to go on a next journey in some foreign country. She like to spend her free time playing with our two adopted kittens – Šćućur and Čičak.


Restless side of L&VE. Addicted to spending time in nature, discovering and exploring new places and new ways of moving. Rarely goes anywhere without photography equipment. Love landscape photography, especially ambient and atmospheric, fog, sunrises, sunsets, expanses… Always thinking about the ways to improve tours and design new ones.

A word from our guests

youtube channel full of adventures

And cool places. In the year 2020, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we started to explore our surroundings even more. We did a few videos here and there but they were not in a form they will be from now on. The idea behind our Youtube channel is to explore peculiar outdoor places of Croatia and the rest of the world and make research about them. We strive to make a short documentary about these places with all the interesting info we could find about them.

If you are into the outdoor kind of stuff or just want to find more about the fantastic outdoor wonders that surround us, subscribe to our channel and join us in the ride. You can explore our channel directly on Youtube or under Videography on this site.

Our latest ventures

Tourist season doesn’t last a whole year but the urge to discover, explore and travel does. This is where all of our adventures live virtually in the form of story and photography. If you are an adventurer seeking places to visit in Croatia, you’ll find some here. After the guided adventure tours season ends we travel to some other places, spend some time designing new adventures and improving the old ones. It’s the process that never ends.

In this section, you can read about all these adventurous travels that we do during the year. They often happen in our surroundings while we explore some unknown places of our home. In others, we explore some of the most famous outdoor places in Croatia. Sometimes the adventure takes us to other countries so we write about that as well. We are active on social networks as well so make sure you check our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube profiles.

If you are a couple traveling in Croatia, visit our Love and Ventures website where you can find the best things to do in Croatia for couples.

Please respect nature and be aware of your limits while exploring the world that surrounds you. Some of the places from our blog are accessible only by using the proper equipment. In our adventures, we use kayaks, mountain bikes, and rock climbing and hiking equipment.

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