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About biokovo nature park

Biokovo is the highest mountain in Dalmatia with its peak Sv. Jure reaching a height of 1762 meters. Biokovo nature park is situated just above Makarska and it’s one of the “must-see” things if you stay in any part of Makarska Riviera. If you are not just sea&beach type and want to experience something different you should definitely visit Biokovo nature park. Even in the middle of the summer, you’ll enjoy lower temperatures and the untouched nature of this magnificent mountain. We spend a lot of time in the exploration of Biokovo mountain and nature park. It stretches for more than 100 kilometers with the starting point at Vruja near Makarska and ending at Bacina lakes near the city of Ploce. Biokovo nature park does not include the whole Biokovo mountain but only the small portion above the city of Makarska. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful mountain whether it’s a nature park or not.

There are many things to see in Biokovo nature park and some of them are included in this tour. Something that’s probably going to be one of the most visited attractions of this mountain is a skywalk that will be opened at the beginning of the season of 2020. Other attractions include old villages used mostly by shepherds during the hot summer months, prominent Biokovo peaks with beautiful views, donkeys on the road, and so on.

One of the most attractive and easily reached mountain peaks of Biokovo nature park is Vošac and Sv. Jure. For us, Vošac peak is the winner even though it’s lower than Sv. Jure. It has one of the best views on Makarska Riviera and local island archipelago with Brac and Hvar islands dominating the scene. Sv. Jure is located bit toward the other side of the mountain with a Dalmatian hinterland and rest of Biokovo mountain dominating the view from it. Sv. Jure is also the most easily recognized peak inside Biokovo nature park because there is a TV tower on top of it. So basically you can’t stand on a top of Sv. Jure peak. On the other hand, the top of that TV tower is the highest point in Croatia.

If you want to visit the Biokovo nature park by yourself, here are some tips. Be aware that it can get pretty crowded on a narrow road that goes through the park. Just be patient. It’s better to go in the afternoon hours since the mornings are usually more crowded. Some driving skill is needed in order to pass vehicles on the road. Sometimes you’ll need to drive in reverse for a hundred meters or more. That’s the reason we don’t like visiting Biokovo nature park in the high season months. If you need to choose between Sv. Jure or Vošac peak, we recommend Vošac. Dink a cold drink while on the top. You can buy it at a mountain hut run by a local mountain club. Enjoy the Biokovo mountain.

hiking and photo safari tour info

There are not many things better than hiking in beautiful nature and enjoying a beautiful view. Biokovo nature park offers both of these things and a lot more. Even in the middle of the summer while the coast is burning at 40 degrees Celsius you can chill at 20 and experience something completely different.

During our Biokovo hiking & photo safari tour, we’ll drive through the narrow roads of this mountain in our adventure van with occasional stops at the most important viewpoints and landmarks. We’ll learn a lot about the formation of Biokovo mountain and what kind of rock dominate it, we’ll see some domestic and maybe wild animals. Through this tour, you’ll experience mountain to the fullest and finally reach one of the most beautiful peaks – Vošac peak. And it won’t be only driving through this magnificent nature. It would be a shame not to walk through it and breathe the fresh mountain air. We’ll have a short and easy hike (30 min in one direction) to the Vošac peak. It’s one of the most beautiful Biokovo peaks with a breathtaking view on Makarska and its Riviera as well as a surrounding island archipelago. We don’t go on a Sv. Jure peak since the traffic often gets congested and we could spend more time waiting then enjoying the mountain views.

We bring our camera on all of our tours so the Biokovo nature park tour is not an exception. During the tour, we’ll take some photos that we’ll send to you after the tour is done. It might happen that we’ll visit domestic donkeys along the way. They are friendly and will often pose for a photo with you. One of the most attractive things we’ll visit along our way through the park is the famous skywalk. It’s a kind of bridge built on the rock and extending in front of it in a way that there is a chasm below you as you walk on it. To make the experience even more frightening they put the plexiglass on the bottom so everything is translucent.

After our adventure in Biokovo nature park is done there is the only thing left, and that’s a return to the seaside. This time we’ll do it without additional stops. As we drive toward the valley you’ll have one more chance to enjoy the scenes this mountain prepared for us.

pricing and other info

Price for the Biokovo nature park hiking & photo safari is 350 HRK for an adult person175 HRK for children from 6 to 12 years. Please see the links below for further info on the itinerary and what to bring on the tour.

Important info: All of our tours must be booked at least 9 hours before the tour start. You can book our tours via our contact formFacebook page, or WhatsApp numbers. These kinds of tours are subjected to weather conditions. We want to provide you with the best possible experience of every tour so if the weather is unfavorable we’ll cancel the tour and inform you about that. You’ll have an option to reschedule your tour or you’ll be given a full refund. We don’t have an office on any of our tour locations.

Three persons (3) is minimum for this tour to be organized. If the tour consists of 1 or 2 people the price is a bit higher.


8:00 Van pickup at pickup points

9:15  reaching the Biokovo nature park

10:30 hike to the Vošac peak

12:00 reaching Sv. Jure

12:30 departure from Biokovo nature park

13:40 returning back to the pick – up points

certified guide

entrance fee for Biokovo nature park

local spirit drink

minimum of 2 professional photos of you on the tour


water (at least 1,5L per person)

food for the picnic break

some money in case you want to buy some local products

cellphones, cameras, GoPro’s

sunscreen, hat

biokovo nature park gallery and hiking tips

As we mentioned earlier, we spend a lot of time in the exploration of Biokovo nature park and mountain. Not all the images from this gallery are made while doing this tour but it will give you a sense of what to expect of your visit to this mountain. If you decide to go for a hike, there are numerous options as beautiful hiking trails you can take. One of our most favorite peaks of Biokovo mountain is Sv. Ilija situated above Baška Voda near the city of Makarska. If you are staying in Makarska, there is an option to take a hiking trail to Vošac peak. You can see Vošac from anywhere in Makarska, it’s that peak that looks like a horn.

Either way, you choose to experience Biokovo nature park, beware that some dangers are lurking along the way. First of all, make sure you are fully physically prepared to endure long hikes in heat. We are talking about summer hike here since most people visit Croatia during the summer months. We advise you to start hiking early in the morning and take a lot of water with you. Make sure you have proper hiking equipment, especially hiking shoes. No attempt to go hiking should be done using any other than hiking shoes. Make sure you follow only the marked trails. If any accident happens along the way don’t hesitate to call 112. Bring some food as well and choose a place with a nice view to be your picnic spot. Take any eventual garbage with you.

Enjoy in the hiking of Biokovo mountain and contact us if you have any questions regarding it, we’ll gladly help you.

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