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When you are visiting Makarska Riviera or just passing through southern Croatia, then Biokovo nature park is a place that has to be on your ‘must visit’ list. Whether you have heard about it or not, we’re going to give you some useful information about a visit to this beautiful mountain landscape.

biokovo nature park hiking
Hiking in the Biokovo nature park

We’ll even provide you with the best tip there is if you want to avoid traffic jams that are, unfortunately, inevitable if you are visiting the park in the crowded summer months. But that shouldn’t discourage you to visit Biokovo nature park and enjoy the best views possible in Dalmatia.

about biokovo nature park and mountain

Biokovo mountain is the largest mountain in Dalmatia. We often hike to some of its numerous peaks and this mountain never ceases to amaze us. Biokovo nature park does not include the whole mountain but a part above the city of Makarska. When in Makarska or driving through Makarska Riviera, you can’t miss Biokovo mountain and it almost feels like it’s calling you to visit it.

The nature park has been founded in 1981. and it has been one of the most popular places for hiking in Croatia. Vosac peak that rises right above the city of Makarska has been one of its most visited peaks although it’s not the highest one. Sv. Jure (St. George) is the highest peak of Biokovo mountain with a height of 1762 meters.

There are many endemic species in the Biokovo nature park since the park itself is somewhat isolated. You can learn all about the park biodiversity from a booklet you’re going to get at the entrance to the park area. Let us just say that it’s a place with a significant animal and vegetation kingdom.

park entrance and entrance fee

There are numerous ways you can enter the Biokovo nature park. Hiking trails are our favorite way of exploring the park but a car drive through it might be more convenient for you. Most of the tourists visiting the park choose to use Biokovo road. There are a few reasons for that. First of all, it’s easier to drive in an air-conditioned car than hike in the heat for 4+ hours. Second, by using the car, you can see and experience most of the park’s offer, especially if you combine car driving and hiking. But, driving the car can have some disadvantages and we’ll mention them in one of the further sections.

View from Biokovo mountain

The most used entrance point to Biokovo nature park is one on the road that connects Makarska and Vrgorac. This entrance is the starting point of the road that goes through the park and cars, motorbikes, bikes, and vans are allowed to enter. Since the road is narrow, entrance is not allowed for large bus vehicles.

Day ticket price for Biokovo nature park is 50 HRK for the adult person and 25 HRK for hiking club members and other special discounts. For a 3 day ticket, you’ll pay 100 HRK while the 7-day ticket will cost you 250 HRK. You don’t need to pay extra for your car, you pay only for the ticket for the persons in it. You need to have a valid ticket with you all the time in the park and rangers might ask you to present it at any moment.

how to explore biokovo nature park

We already mentioned that driving through the park is one of the most convenient ways of exploring it. You simply drive and you stop whenever you see something interesting. Driving through the park will let you see most of its attractions.

Biokovo nature park road

On the other hand, there are some places in the park not accessible by car and hiking is the only way of enjoying these places. Beautiful Sv. Ilija (St. Elijah) peak is one of such places. You need to be careful when embarking on a hiking adventure and we don’t recommend it to people that don’t have previous hiking experience. Hiking the Biokovo mountain might prove challenging even to the experienced hikers.

Hiking is always a good option

Make sure you are well prepared and have a lot of water. If you are hiking the Biokovo mountain in the summer months, make sure you start the hike as early as possible because the heat can get unbearable in later hours.

what driving through the park looks like

This is when things get a little bit tricky. Biokovo nature park road is narrow and it requires some driving experience to safely pass it. The road was made because of the TV relay station on the top of Biokovo mountain. It’s a paved road but its narrowness might prove challenging.

Park landscape

You’ll almost definitely have to drive in reverse at least once during driving through the park. Sometimes you might wait in queue for an hour or more, especially now the Biokovo skywalk attraction has been opened.

All this might reduce your good experience of this beautiful place and we’re sorry about that. There are some plans for the road to be made to the other side of the mountain so it becomes a one-way road but we’re not sure when it’s going to happen. The other thing you can do if you don’t want to drive a crowded narrow road is to book a tour at some of the local agencies. That way you don’t need to worry about driving anymore, but you’ll see much less than you would see if you go by your own car.

the best tip you’ll ever get

Although driving through the Biokovo nature park might be challenging, there is a way to make it a lot easier. We already mentioned local agencies that organize a tour through the park. Some of them have minibusses and in front of these minibusses, there is a person on a motorbike that stops the coming traffic for the bus to pass. Your best chance is to go after this bus and you’ll have safe passage all the way. They usually start their tours around 9AM.

Mountain in the clouds

Another tip we can give you is to avoid the most crowded hours. If you want to visit Biokovo nature park, go either early in the morning or later in the afternoon hours. Not only are these hours least crowded, but you also get the chance to see the sunset or enjoy a calm morning inside of the park.

what to visit inside of the park

Sole driving through the park is a beautiful experience. The newly opened skywalk is the most famous attraction of Biokovo nature park and we recommend you visit it. It’s a plexiglass walking trail with 100 meters of air below your feet.

Sv. Jure, the highest peak of Biokovo mountain, is another one of the most visited places inside of the park. The road ends there and the last part of the road is the most challenging part of the whole park. Also, there are limited parking spots on the top. And a large TV relay station which you cannot enter.

View from Vosac peak

With all that being said about Sv. Jure, we recommend you visit Vosac peak instead. You’ll see the road signs toward a parking lot below this peak. Leave your car there, hike for 30 minutes and you’ll be on top enjoying one of the most beautiful views there is. There is a mountain hut on this peak and you can have your cold drink or coffee there. All that while enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Makarska view from Vosac peak

There are a few restaurants and taverns in the park, you if you feel like you want to eat something traditional, we suggest you visit one of them.

filming, camping, making fires and other things

Like any other protected place, Biokovo nature park has some of its own rules. Make sure you obey those. If you want to do some commercial filming inside of the park area, you need to send an official email and ask for the permit. You’ll get the permit in most cases, but you’ll need to pay for it. You can find more info about it on the park’s website.

No camping is allowed inside the park. If you want to spend a night in the mountain, you need to use one of the mountain huts or shelters. Making fire and littering is strictly forbidden, and we mean strictly.

Winter hike

Officially, moving through the park is permitted only on the hiking trails. There are many of them and they will lead you to places you need to see. Don’t walk outside of them. In the case of an accident, don’t hesitate to call 112.

Other than that, there are no special things you need to take care of. Now go up there, explore the Biokovo nature park, and have a great time!!

Biokovo mountain in winter

Biokovo nature park elopement

If you’re a couple and you would like to elope on Biokovo mountain, check our Love and Ventures website for more info. Biokovo is one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes of Croatia and it makes a beautiful backdrop for photo session of you and your partner.

What an elopement is? It’s a best kind of wedding where you and your partner are alone and say your vows in a beautiful place. No stress, nothing, just nature, your partner and you.

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