Top 5 reasons why you should visit Ploce, Croatia

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Welcome to our base, the city of Ploce. It’s a small town in southern Croatia, and it’s perfect for many things, including your holidays. Let us present you with our top 5 reasons why you should visit Ploce, Croatia.

visit ploce croatia
The city of Ploce in dawn

We’ll be honest with you, even though we see a lot of tourist potential in our city, it’s usually not on the chart of a common touristic visitor. The main reason for that is the fact that the city of Ploce is a small industrial town and it doesn’t have developed accommodation infrastructure as some nearby touristic places.

But still, it’s not the reason why you shouldn’t consider staying in Ploce for your holidays in Croatia.

what to have in mind if you plan to visit ploce

We already mentioned that Ploce is not a tourist city. Don’t expect vast beaches like Makarska riviera has. Don’t expect a crystal clear sea because the city of Ploce is situated in a bay. Don’t expect many different restaurants like in some other touristic places.

We believe it’s important to present you with the real image of our city. We won’t say that there is something if there is not nor are we going to make things better. We are going to present to you with real reasons to visit Ploce.

Let’s move on. Although Ploce might not have all these things mentioned above, they are still pretty near. If you want vast beaches and a clear sea, you’ll drive for maybe 15 minutes. It’s not much, is it? It’s the same with everything else.

If you plan to visit Ploce, don’t expect to have great holidays just by spending it in one place. To truly experience things that city of Ploce has to offer, you need to explore around.

We suggest you visit the official Ploce tourist board website for more information about the Ploce area.


We are starting our list with something that’s inside of the city and that’s its architecture. The city of Ploce has the most peculiar architecture around and it’s the youngest city in Croatia. If you climb on the hill above Ploce, you can notice all the different styles present in the city. You can also clearly see how the city was built during that time. You’ll recognize the first buildings almost instantly.

Ploce has very peculiar architecture

One of the most interesting buildings and parts of the Ploce are the ones that were built first. Rogotinska street was the first street in the city of Ploce and it’s full of small stone buildings. At that time, it was a city for itself.

One of the most recognizable architectural landmarks of the city of Ploce is its skyscrapers. They are an inevitable sight for everyone visiting Ploce. These skyscrapers are only of this kind in Croatia.

Ploce skyscrapers

Another building we recommend visiting is a railway station in the city of Ploce. Personally, we think that it’s the most interesting building in the whole city. It was a starting station for many people traveling to Sarajevo, Beograd, and other places in former Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, there are no more trains leaving this station, and the old steam locomotive is the only mark of some better railroad times.

visit ploce croatia
Railway station in Ploce

bacina lakes

We have written a lot about Bacina lakes in some of our older posts. If you want to visit Ploce during the summer months, you need to visit Bacina lakes since they are one of the most beautiful places around the city.

Beautiful Bacina lakes are one of the main reasons to visit Ploce

Bacina lakes is a 7 lakes group just 5 minutes of driving away from the city of Ploce. Six of these lakes are connected and the nature of the lake is astonishing. Not many people visit Bacina lakes so they are not crowded even in the summer month when everything else is full of people. That’s why we call them Oasis of Serenity.

We run our Bacina lakes kayaking tour there but there are some other activities to try. A friend of ours organizes SUP tours and there are boat safari tours too. Walking/cycling trail is made around the lakes so renting a bike and exploring around is a good choice too.

neretva delta

Another marvel of nature near the city of Ploce. Neretva delta is a landscape carved by the Neretva river on the last 20 kilometers of its journey. Neretva river pours into the Adriatic sea just a few kilometers away from the city of Ploce and it’s one of the most astonishing places around.

Neretva river mouth near the city of Ploce

If you like long sandy beaches, Neretva delta is a place where you’ll find them. Croatia is not full of these kinds of beaches and some of the most beautiful are found right here. Neretva river mouth is characterized by shallow sea and sandbars that allow you to walk into the sea for a few hundred meters.

If you are a kiteboarding fan, we have good news for you. Neretva delta is one of the most popular places for kiteboarding in Croatia. But you probably already knew that.

Kitesurfing zone

Apart from the Neretva river mouth, the whole valley is full of places worth visiting. Local gastro specialties are something you need to try if you plan to visit Ploce, and most of them can be found right in the Neretva valley.

abandoned military structures

Now here’s something interesting. As you might know, Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia once, and the Yugoslav army had a lot of military structures all around Croatia, and the city of Ploce is no exception. It was an important strategic army point and there was a large naval base situated in it.

Our video of abandoned military shelter exploration

Most of these army structures were abandoned after the Croatian war for independence and they are now free to visit. Some of them are even underground and lately, we explored one underground military tunnel for our Youtube channel.

However, you need to be careful when visiting these places since they are not maintained and extra caution is necessary.

summer events

Summer is the season when Croatia is fully alive. There are many events organized right in the summer months and the city of Ploce is no exception. There are maybe not so many events going around as in some larger touristic places like Makarska, but some of them are very special and totally different than anything else. Make sure you inform yourself about events if you plan to visit Ploce.

Ploce is full of different summer events

Traditional boat marathon is one of such events. Every year at the beginning of August, more than 30 teams row this 20 kilometers long marathon on the Neretva river. They start in the city of Metkovic and finish in the city of Ploce. Traditional boat marathon is the largest amateur competition in Croatia.

Traditional boat marathon, largest public event in Croatia

Fishermen night is another interesting event organized at the end of August each summer. Fishermen nights are pretty common and every place near the sea organizes at least one such event during the summer. But Ploce has the best fishermen night in Dalmatia, it’s most unique and really many people are attending it. Definitely something worth visiting.

Traditional fishermen night

in the end

As you can see, if you visit Ploce, you can spend a nice holiday there. A lot of beauty of Ploce area is in natural places like Bacina lakes and Neretva valley. We often say that the city of Ploce is the adventure capital of Croatia, or at least it could be.

Sea promenade in Ploce

With all these natural wonders right around the city, adventure tourism is the way to go for Ploce. And remember, Ploce is not like some other cities in which you can spend your whole vacation in one place. If you plan to visit Ploce, you need to travel around, discover, and explore, only that way will your holidays be like they should.

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