makarska hinterland cycling and wine tasting tour

about makarska hinterland and jezero valley

In this Makarska hinterland cycling tour, we visit and cycle through Jezero valley. It is situated just behind the hills over the Adriatic sea, near the cities of Ploče and Vrgorac. It’s a valley full of vineyards and a beautiful scenic landscape. It’s the largest vineyard in Croatia. A long time ago this whole valley was a big lake and that’s the reason why it’s called Jezero (meaning lake in Croatian). There is a river called Matica that flows through the Jezero valley and it was causing big floods and the formation of the large lake many years ago.
Some hundred years ago, a tunnel was dug and it started to take away flooded water into Bacina lakes and to the sea. You can find out more about this peculiar tunnel on our social networks. If you go on a Bacina lakes kayaking tour with us, there is a possibility to visit it and go through it since it’s not flooded in the summer months. The whole tunnel is 2 kilometers long and it’s a nice experience to walk through it.
Back to the Jezero valley. For a long time, it was touristically not exploited with people living here doing mostly agricultural work. In the last few years, the whole place began to ‘awake’ and attract more and more tourists. Many local wineries were opened in the villages and they started with wine tasting for the tourists. With all that started, we decided to start with our Croatia cycling and wine tasting tour and blended cycling and tasting of wine and other local products.

This tour is a must if you are a wine lover because we visit 2 wineries and try some of the best local Dalmatian wines and food. During the visit to the wineries, you’ll have a chance to buy some of the products they offer.

cycling tour info

We start this Makarska hinterland cycling adventure tour in the small village of Stasevica, on the edge of the Jezero valley. After the short introduction and safety talk, we start cycling through the vineyards and along the beautiful Matica river. All the necessary cycling equipment is provided by us.
The van is following us whole time as a support and you can leave your belongings in it and take it any time. After approximately 30 minutes of cycling, we reach first stop where we’ll make a small refreshment point for you. We’ll cycle on gravel roads that run through the vineyards and we’ll visit some of the most famous and interesting places in the valley.

Wine tasting and food are included in the price of this tour. At the end of the tour, we’ll visit the wineries where a tasting of wine and local products will be set for you. At this time we stop with the cycling and head back to the starting point of the tour.

pricing and other info

The price for the Makarska hinterland cycling and wine tasting tour is 350 HRK for an adult person175 HRK for children from 6 to 12 years. Please see the links below for further info on the itinerary and what to bring on the tour.

Important info: All of our tours must be booked at least 9 hours before the tour start. You can book our tours via our contact formFacebook page, or WhatsApp numbers. These kinds of tours are subjected to weather conditions. We want to provide you with the best possible experience of every tour so if the weather is unfavorable we’ll cancel the tour and inform you about that. You’ll have an option to reschedule your tour or you’ll be given a full refund. We don’t have an office on any of our tour locations.

Please note: There is no toilet at the starting point of this tour and we’ll reach the first one approximately 40 minutes after the start of the tour.


17:00 safety talk and refreshment

17:15  start of the tour

18:00 first winery stop

18:30 continuing the tour

19:15 second winery stop

19:45 returning back to the starting point

20:15 end of the tour


certified guide

wine & food in wineries

all necessary equipment (bikes, helmets, …)


water (at least 1L per person)

some money if you choose to buy some local products (optional)

cellphones, cameras, GoPro’s


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