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Welcome to the virtual home of our adventure travels. Life and Ventures project was always imagined as a platform where we’ll publish some of our most recent adventures. Some of the stories featured below are from Croatia and some from the other countries we have visited. But they all have one thing in common – adventure. We always prefer to go off the beaten path, explore natural wonders of the country rather than urban areas. We always take our photo gear (cameras and drone) with us and the final product is almost always written story, photography and a short video of the place we visited.

Explore our blog, find some interesting places in Croatia that might help you plan your trip to our country. If you need any tips, feel free to contact us anytime. Some of the stories featured in this blog cover some places that are not accessible without the proper gear. Always be aware of your limits and respect nature.

Apart from this blog we run a separate blog about adventure elopements in Croatia so you might want to check that one as well if you are interested in that topic.

Read some of our adventures and enjoy yours!

Best time to visit Croatia

So you are planning your vacation for the upcoming or next year and you stumbled upon the country we live in, Croatia. You google the images and see a feed full of crystal clear sea, vast beaches, beautiful landscape. Your heart starts to pound faster because you found the place where you want to spend

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Adventure or elopement wedding in Croatia

So you and your partner came to that point in life where you know and feel you met the person with whom you share everything and feel you want to do so for the rest of your life. Congratulations, that’s an awesome and first and most important step in what’s about to come. The next

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Hiking in Croatia

If you are a serious adventurer and outdoor thrill-seeker then hiking in Croatia must be on your bucket list if you ever visit this country. Famous mostly because of the beautiful and clean Adriatic sea, Croatian mountains are always kind of in a second plan. We can understand that most of the people visiting Croatia

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Top 5 things to do in Ploce

In a previous blog post, we mentioned the top 5 things to do in the city of Makarska. But you just might choose Ploče to be your base for exploration of beautiful Dalmatia. If you happen to find yourself in this small city just 50 kilometers south of Makarska here are our top 5 things

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Top 5 things to do in Makarska

So you are planning your vacation in Croatia (or you are maybe already here) and you chose the city of Makarska to be your base and now you want to know what are the top things to do in Makarska. Perfect, you made a good choice by choosing Makarska. All you need to think about

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Rock climbing in Croatia

How I fell in love with rock climbing Years back while I was still in the early years of studies I got introduced to rock climbing as a term. Lifestyle. Activity. It happened more or less like this: Mario came one day and said: “I applied for rock climbing school”. At first, I did not

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Neretva svoj put prema moru počinje u Bosni i Hercegovini, na nekih 1100 metara nadmorske visine. Od ukupnih 200 kilometara kroz koje se probija ova moćna rijeka, Hrvatskoj pripada tek njih 20. I samo tih 20 kilometara bilo je dovoljno da Neretva kroz tisućljeća stvori raj za avanturiste kojeg danas otkriva sve više putnika iz

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A day in a life of adventure guide

Adventure guiding is the best thing we do and the greatest paradox of our life. No activity can leave you to feel so tired yet so happy. Since we do a lot of computer work we always look forward to L&VE season of adventure tours. What’s so good about it? Well, we’re always outside, in

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Benefits of kayaking – stay fit and zen

I discovered kayaking far too late. Don’t make the same mistake because kayaking is one of the best ways to stay fit and zen at the same time as well as explore secluded parts of this world. I fell in love with it and kayaking became one of the main activities of our adventure tours

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Zjatva cave – phenomenon of Biokovo mountain

WARNING: Zjatva cave is a dangerous place and no attempt to reach it should be tried without proper equipment – climbing ropes, helmet and other alpine gear. It’s impossible to descend down if you don’t have this gear and you are risking a serious injuries if you try to do so. Please respect the nature

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City of Ploče and adventure tourism in Croatia

There are few things to know about city of Ploče and it’s surroundings at first. It’s the youngest city in Croatia and its 10 000 inhabitants (including suburban area) found their place under the sun of southern Croatia, region known as Dalmatia. It’s industrial city and second largest seaport in Croatia. City of Ploče is

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Chasing the Jacobite steam train (Harry Potter train)

Last year we decided to visit Scotland. We were always attracted to this country and it was always on our bucket list. So finally, the moment arrived and we started to prepare for the upcoming visit. We had a similar Ireland adventure 2 years ago and we knew exactly what to expect and how we

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