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About rock climbing

Croatia is perfect for many reasons and rock climbing is one of them. With many rocky mountains and good places for rock climbing, it’s possible to spend your whole vacation in Croatia just doing this activity. Paklenica national park is definitely the most famous spot for rock climbing in Croatia and once you visit that place (or Google it) you get to know why it is so. Some other places include climbing areas in Istria and Dalmatia.

We’ll focus on Dalmatia since we do our tours there. Omiš and Biokovo mountain have the best climbing spots in Dalmatia. The place where we climb with our guests is situated in a small place called Gradac. It is situated on Makarska Riviera and it has a nice small climbing area which will grow in the future. We need to mention that this rock climbing spot is mostly for beginners and people who never tried rock climbing before. If you are an intermediate or advanced rock climber maybe you should search for some other places to climb like Brela, Omiš, or Paklenica.

Rock climbing as an activity is often regarded as an unsafe one but it’s far from the truth. If you follow all of the safety protocols, use only certified gear, you shouldn’t have any problems. People who never tried rock climbing before usually don’t know the safety standards of the industry and how much force can rock climbing equipment withstand. We assure you, it can withstand a lot. Equipment is nothing to worry about while rock climbing. Once you get to trust it, you’ll be free of fall and think only about climbing the route you’re in.
Another fear we usually witness through our climbing tours is the fear of heights. Completely normal phenomenon. Everybody was scared first time climbing a route. But with the knowledge about the equipment that fear starts to shrink. With every route climbed fear of heights becomes smaller and smaller until you are no longer afraid.

So if you always wanted to put some adrenaline in your vacation then you should try our rock climbing tour and find out why they say it is one of the best outdoor activities for both body and mind. You will be climbing short sport routes in the Gradac climbing area with a certified instructor. Most of the routes are easy and perfect for introduction in a world of rock climbing so this tour is perfect for beginners and persons who never climbed before. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with this activity and one day climb some of the world’s hardest routes. During the tour, we’ll learn some of the most used climbing knots as well. Dalmatia is the perfect spot to try rock climbing in Croatia so join us and let’s climb together.

rock climbing tour info

We will start this tour with rock climbing basics such as basic knots that are used for this activity, some safety precautions, and so on. You’ll get to know basic rock climbing gear details and what’s used for what. Then you’ll gear up and the fun can start. Our rock climbing tour is perfect for beginners, even the children can try it. It’s perfect as an introduction to the world of rock climbing.
After the short intro, we will start with so-called top-rope climbing. This means that you are perfectly safe from any fall, you can just relax and climb your way up to perfect views of Gradac and the surrounding area. After the beginner routes, you can try climbing something harder, also perfectly secured from any fall by a top-rope way of climbing.

We’ll provide you all the necessary safety gear used in rock climbing. In the middle of an activity, we will have a short break and learn some more climbing basics, techniques, and knots. The rock climbing tour is done by a certified person.

pricing and other info

The price for the Dalmatia rock climbing adventure is 250 HRK for an adult person125 HRK for children from 6 to 12 years, and free of charge for children under the age of 6. Please see the links below for further info on the itinerary and what to bring on the tour.

Important info: All of our tours must be booked at least 9 hours before the tour start. You can book our tours via our contact formFacebook page, or WhatsApp numbers. These kinds of tours are subjected to weather conditions. We want to provide you with the best possible experience of every tour so if the weather is unfavorable we’ll cancel the tour and inform you about that. You’ll have an option to reschedule your tour or you’ll be given a full refund. We don’t have an office on any of our tour locations.

Please note: There is no toilet available during the tour but we have nature at our disposal.


*can be changed according the time of the year or upon request

9:00 safety talk and refreshment

9:15  start of the tour

10:00 first break (knots)

10:20 continuing the tour

11:40 returning back to the starting point

12:00 end of the tour

certified guide

all necessary equipment (ropes, helmet, harness…)

welcome drink & snack (local products)

minimum of 2 professional photos of you climbing


water (at least 1L per person)

some food for the picnic break

cellphones, cameras, GoPro’s

any kind of solid shoes


best places for rock climbing in croatia

If you are an experienced rock climber you probably want to know what are the best places for rock climbing in Croatia. Well, there are a few of them and our list would go like this.

1. Paklenica
2. Istria
3. Klek mountain near Ogulin
4. Omiš
5. Biokovo mountain

Now it’s your job to Google these and find a bit about them. We’ll write about some of these places in the future sou check our blog in case we already wrote a post about them. Make sure you always use safety gear and enjoy rock climbing in Croatia.

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