a place made for adventure tourism

Welcome to our base – city of Ploce. It is situated in the southern Dalmatia and it’s the only place where you can find lakes, rivers, mountains, and the sea so near it. Although the sole city is not the tourist place all these natural wonders make it one of the best places for adventure tourism in Croatia. We started with adventure tours at Bacina lakes and Gradac area and slowly introduced more such as Jezero valley cycling and wine which is one of our newest tours. In the sections below we present you a piece of southern Croatia paradise.

bacina lakes

Bacina lakes consist of a total of seven lakes. They are just a few minutes away from the city of Ploce. Six of the lakes are connected and experience of these lakes is featured in our Bacina lakes kayaking tour. Often called pearls of Illyrian queen Teuta, Bacina lakes are one of the rare places on the Adriatic coast where you’ll find peace and solitude even in the high season. They are situated on the main road between Split and Dubrovnik and many tourists admire their beauty from the viewpoint but rarely enter into the nature of Bacina lakes. They are a place of rich history with many Illyrian tribes living in their vicinity. A touristic offers of Bacina lakes include kayaking tours, Stand up paddling and traditional boat tours.

neretva river delta

We could write so much about the Neretva river delta. It’s the largest delta in Croatia and one of the richest in Europe, at least when it comes to bird species. The landscape of Neretva delta is simply astonishing with sandbars going for hundreds of meters into the sea, beautiful sunsets, and large sandy beaches. It’s been one of the most popular places for Kite surfing in Croatia lately. For the past centuries, Neretva river delta is one of the most fertile soils in Croatia as well. Numerous canals made this delta into a real labyrinth. Our adventure tours featuring beautiful Neretva river landscape are Norin river kayaking tour and Neretva valley kayaking tour.

jezero valley

Stasevica valley is a perfect place for cycling tours in Croatia, situated just 15 minutes of driving from the city of Ploce. It’s a place which has to still exploit it’s full touristic potential since it was never considered to be a touristic place. Cycling trails of Jezero valley go through beautiful vineyards and follow the Matica river. These trails are featured in our Dalmatia cycling & wine tour which includes wine tasting in two local wineries. It’s still undiscovered place but with more tourists willing to explore beauties of hinterland this valley won’t be hidden for a long time.

makarska riviera

Makarska riviera is a place of coast stretching from Makarska to Gradac and it consists of many famous touristic places such as Gradac, Brist, Zaostrog, Drvenik and so on. It’s a place of beautiful pebble beaches and crystal clear sea. Aside from mass tourism, it’s also a perfect landscape for many kinds of adventure activities such as hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and sea kayaking. Our tours featured on Makarska riviera include Dalmatia rock climbing, and Makarska Riviera sunset sea kayaking tour. Makarska riviera is a unique blend of Biokovo mountain and Adriatic sea.

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