Adventure holidays in croatia: 5 things to think about

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When it comes to adventure holidays in Croatia, we believe it’s the best form of vacation you can have in this country. We are not saying that you need to make your every day full of adventure, but consider doing at least a few of the numerous adventure tour options in Croatia.

However, there are some things to think about that might make you change your vacation date just because some particular adventure is better in some other period than in one you chose for your holidays.

adventure holidays in croatia
Croatia has a beautiful nature

Croatia is full of beautiful places, everybody knows that, and the sun&beach combination is demode. Adventure is officially the best way to enjoy the nature of Croatia while having an unforgettable experience at the same time.

Let us help you make your Croatia adventure holidays full of joy and unique experiences.

who are we to talk about adventure holidays in croatia

Well, first of all, we are Croats. Second, we love and live the adventure, it’s our lifestyle and we feel happiest while roaming around and exploring the best Croatia has to offer. We believe that Croatia is one of a kind country, with unique nature as its main attraction.

We are promoters of Croatia who would like you to have the best possible experience in our country. That’s one of the reasons we started with all these blog posts that explore Croatia and give you tips about your travel to it.

Roaming the Dinara mountain

We live in southern Croatia, one of the most beautiful and most visited Croatian regions. When you see how many natural wonders are there in such a small space, you’ll begin to realize why it is so visited.

And finally, we are a Croatia adventure holidays agency that organizes different adventure tours during the tourist season. And we have been doing it for some time. When the season ends, the adventure continues. We travel across Croatia in search of new places and experiences.

Kayaking is one of the best things to do in Croatia when it comes to adventures

And that’s why we feel confident when writing about adventure holidays in Croatia.

weather in croatia and best season for adventures

Weather is one of the most important aspects of your Croatia adventure holidays. Bad weather can make even the best adventure a bad experience. But it doesn’t have to be so at all times. Sometimes bad weather can add to the adventure and make it much more adventurous. We had one sunset kayaking tour in which the weather suddenly became much worse and strong wind started to blow. Our guests on that tour didn’t have the chance to kayak in the sunset which is the main focus of this tour. On the other hand, it was an adventure they won’t forget for a long time. It all depends on a point of view.

Sea kayaking on Makarska Riviera

But something else regarding weather is important when planning your adventure holidays in Croatia. You need to know what the different seasons look like here. If you are an avid rock climber who wants to come to Paklenica for a climbing holiday, the worst you can do is to come during the high season. You don’t want to be in the middle of the rock with 50 degrees Celsius (in the sun) roasting you to the extremes.

Rock climbing is best in preseason and postseason

If you are a person who loves whitewater kayaking, then the high season is also a bad option for you. The reason for that is the fact that the rivers are much lower because we don’t have much rain during the summer months and all the rapids on the river will feel like child’s play.

croatia adventure holidays
Autumn and Spring are best seasons for hiking

So if you ask us: “What would be the best time for adventure holidays in Croatia?”, we would say preseason and postseason months. April, May, September, October. The weather is still nice, it’s warm, but not too hot, there are more rainy days and the rivers are still full of water. If you want us to be even more precise, we’d say that September is the best month to visit Croatia.

adventure agencies and adventures they offer

When you are coming for adventure holidays in Croatia, there is a chance you’re not bringing your own equipment (kayaks, bikes…). In that case, you’ll need to find an agency and either rent this equipment or choose a guided adventure tour. We always suggest a guided tour because a good guide will make your experience much better. And not all the adventures are available as self-guided ones.

kiteboarding in neretva
Kiteboarding school by Kiteboarding Komin Neretva

When choosing an adventure agency, make sure you read the reviews wherever they have them. There are often few agencies operating the same or similar tours in one area. The reviews will make it clearer to you about what agency to choose.

Wherever there is a possibility of some adventure tour, there is the agency organizing some kind of tours, just Google or ask the local Tourist board for more info about the area you’re staying at.

group sizes

Now, this is something interesting. We are huge believers in small adventure groups that aim for the best possible experience. And that’s our adventure agency goal. Your adventure holidays in Croatia will be much better if not shared with many people. Yes yes, they say everything is best when shared, but it depends on how many people you are sharing it with. It’s not the best experience if you book a wild river tour together with 40 more persons. What will happen is that you’ll spend more time waiting for other boats to pass than having the actual fun.

Small groups are best for the overall experience of the tour

Trust us, we’ve been there, done that. If you are considering having adventure holidays in Croatia, then think smartly about the tours you are going to book. There are always few agencies organizing the same tours in the same place. Call them and ask them on what days and what times of the day they have fewer people. Some agencies even offer private tours that cost a bit more but you have the whole tour just for yourself.

aim for the unique experiences

When coming to adventure holidays in Croatia, always try to find some unique adventure tours. The offer of different trips is really wide, but some of these tours are being organized in not so interesting places. And maybe just 30 minutes of driving away, there is a much better and similar experiences.

Night kayaking on Makarska Riviera

Even though Croatia is beautiful, there are still not so interesting places in which the adventure tours are still organized. If these tours have some added value, go for it. Reviews will tell you a lot at this point too, so read them and see how other persons experienced that particular adventure tour. For example, the night kayaking tour we offer is one of the most unique adventure experiences of Makarska Riviera. And it’s simply because of the night and all of its wonders.

consider a multi-day croatia adventure holidays

Some places in Croatia are best if you spend a few days exploring them. That’s the reason why many adventure agencies in Croatia offer multi-day tours. I have worked on the Zrmanja river as an adventure guide during one season. At one point I had a family that booked a multi-day Zrmanja kayaking tour. And it was perfect. We spent our first day exploring the upper part of the river, the part with many rapids and overall more adventurous one.


Then we spent our day in a camp just to embark on a new adventure the next day. On the second day of this adventure, we explored the calmer part of the river – Zrmanja river canyon. Even though it’s less adventurous, it was still beautiful since the Zrmanja canyon is something worth seeing. In the end, the family said they had a great time and they experienced everything this river has to offer.

landscape of highest mountain in croatia

Multi-day tours in Croatia range from 2 and 3-day tours up to 7 and more days. Many agencies allow you to make your custom tour, according to your preferences. And when you have put together your adventure holidays in Croatia, you get a guide and a vehicle and there’s no need to care about anything else.

final words

We hope you gave you some information about planning your Croatia adventure holidays. All the information is on the internet, but let us know if you need any help or if we can be of any assistance. And if you visit southern Croatia, don’t forget to take a look at our adventure tours.

Enjoy your adventure holidays in Croatia!

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