5 interesting things to do when not kiteboarding in Neretva

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We have never tried kiteboarding. Neither did we try kitesurfing. These are two names for the same sport that has become very popular during the last decade. We happen to live near one of the most popular places for kiteboarding in Croatia and that is the mouth of the Neretva river. Stay with us for a while and find out what kiteboarding in Neretva looks like.

neretva kiteboarding in sunset
Sunset Neretva kiteboarding

If you are a kitesurfer that came to enjoy the Neretva kiteboarding, you made a good choice and you are about to have a great time. But there are some days with no wind and you might ask yourself what to do during these calm periods. Worry not because we have all the answers for you.

why come for kiteboarding in neretva in the first place?

Because Neretva kiteboarding is an experience and Neretva valley is a beautiful place to explore in times when you are not kiteboarding. A combination of these 2 factors might make your holidays feel like a good dream.

Kiteboarders on main beach

They say that kiteboarding in Neretva is perfect for beginners because of the shallow sea and constant wind that’s blowing every summer afternoon. We suggest you visit Neretva kiteboarding main website if you are interested in this activity. They even offer school and kiteboarding lessons.

what to do when the wind is not blowing?

Well, there are many options you can do to kill your time when your kite won’t rise. We’ll assume that you’re a person seeking adventure and activity so our list is going to contain adventure and activities among other things.

Let’s start!

visit bacina lakes

Bacina lakes is a lake group not so far from the Neretva river mouth where all the Neretva kiteboarding is happening. A lot of kitesurfers come and explore this place during their day off. It’s a relaxing place and a true marvel of nature.

Island of love on Bacina lakes

You can just come and chill in one of the beach bars or you can explore around. Regarding the activities on the Bacina lakes, kayaking and SUP tours are the only ones available right now. If you feel lazy on that particular day, you can do the traditional boat tour. You’ll see all the lakes and you won’t need to do anything.

Bacina lakes are definitely worth exploring when you’re not kiteboarding in Neretva.

explore the neretva valley

If you have come for kiteboarding in Neretva then the most interesting part for you is the Neretva river mouth where all Neretva kiteboarding activities take place. But this golden valley of Croatia has many more wonders and experiences for you.

Kuti lake in Neretva valley

So we suggest you pack up and start exploring the Neretva valley. It’s not huge and a day spent discovering its beauties will surely pay off. Also, you may consider a photo session in the Neretva Valley with your better half.

chill in the beach bar

Now here’s something that will take no effort at all. If you are kiteboarding in Neretva then you are probably already a common guest in one of the beach bars in the vicinity, probably in the one closest to the place where you kitesurf.

Komin Neretva kiteboarding beach bar

But there are few of these beach bars close to the Neretva river mouth. One of them is the newly opened Chill beach bar that we adore. It’s the only beach bar where you can eat something and it’s situated near a small place called Blace. Their food is awesome and the beach bar is secluded and just in the right place.

go for a hike

Hiking is always a good idea, especially on the days you’re not kiteboarding in Neretva. You don’t need to go far in the search for a good hike and perfect view. If you want to stay in Neretva, you have 2 options – Babina gomila and Marin vijenac. Both of these mountains are not so high but they hold some of the best views of the Neretva valley.

Hiking on Marin vijenac

Babina gomila is a bit higher and it will take you more time to reach its top. It’s also closer to the Neretva river mouth. Marin vijenac is a nice and short hike and the best thing about this mountain are the wild horses that roam around.

View from Babina gomila

explore makarska riviera

Makarska Riviera is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Croatia and it’s just half an hour of driving away. If you are not kiteboarding in Neretva, you might want to enjoy one of the many beaches of Makarska Riviera. The crystal clear sea and a lot of beaches are the main characteristics of this landscape.

Beach on Makarska Riviera

Biokovo mountain stretches all along Makarska Riviera and if you are a hiking fan, you want to go there. You can even go by car to a Biokovo nature park. The entrance to the park is near the city of Makarska and the entrance fee is 50 HRK. Not much for all the beauty you’ll see in it. There’s a newly open skywalk and it has quickly become one of the park’s main attractions.

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