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About norin river and neretva valley

Norin river is far from any noise and it’s a closest you can get to the jungle-like environment in Neretva Valley. It’s perfect if you want to experience something different and enjoy in intact nature of Neretva Valley. Neretva valley is a vast space full of wildlife and hidden places.

When we designed this tour we had numerous options and places in the valley where the tour like this could be done. Since the Neretva river is close to the city of Ploce where we live, we knew pretty much every part of it. The first choice for a kayaking tour in Neretva valley was a Kuti lake which will soon have a tour of its own. Our second choice was this tour, kayaking along the Norin river from Vid to the place where it blends with mighty Neretva river.
Vid is a small town where we start with this tour and in the past, it was known as Narona, a mighty Roman city, second largest on this side of the Adriatic sea. Split was the largest one. Nowadays the museum of Roman culture is situated in Vid and it’s just across the street from a place where we start the tour so you might think about a tour of the past before the tour of the adventure. It just might give you an additional clue on how was to live in these ancient times on the Norin river.

There is a famous local restaurant near the place we start the tour too. If you feel hungry before or after the tour, make sure you give them a visit. A traditional meal includes frogs and eels made in a lot of different variations so here’s something to try if you never tried it before.
Regarding the Norin river, it’s truly a wild and intact place. It’s a small and pretty narrow river with crystal clear water. Like in the whole Neretva valley, life is abundant here. Especially with all kinds of birds which you’ll be able to see during the tour. Apart from being crystal clear, the water of the Norin river is very cold too and if you brave enough you can take a swim.

kayaking tour info

We start this kayaking tour in an ancient place of Narona near Metkovic. Today it is called Vid. Just a few kilometers from the Vid Norin river start its journey toward the Neretva river and then to the Adriatic sea. In this tour, you will kayak along this ancient river and land that was inhabited for centuries by Illyrian tribes. There are many legends and interesting facts regarding this river and your guide will tell you everything about them.

Kayaking part of the tour is easy with stream helping us to paddle. You won’t be too tired and you’ll have extra time to enjoy the landscape and wildlife. And that is where the true beauty of this tour lies in. Just imagine yourself kayaking through a narrow river and a huge bird flies off just in front of you. Or kayaking and looking at all the vegetation at the river floor with the water being so crystal clear.

If you come to the meeting point one hour earlier you can visit the famous Narona museum which is just 100 meters far from our starting point. Or you could enjoy some of the local gastronomy specialties in one of the nearby restaurants.

pricing and other info

The price for the Norin river kayaking adventure is 280 HRK for an adult person140 HRK for children from 6 to 12 years, and free of charge for children under the age of 6. Please see the links below for further info on the itinerary and what to bring on the tour.

Important info: All of our tours must be booked at least 9 hours before the tour start. You can book our tours via our contact formFacebook page, or WhatsApp numbers. These kinds of tours are subjected to weather conditions. We want to provide you with the best possible experience of every tour so if the weather is unfavorable we’ll cancel the tour and inform you about that. You’ll have an option to reschedule your tour or you’ll be given a full refund. We don’t have an office on any of our tour locations.


9:00 safety talk and refreshment

9:15  start of the tour

10:00 break

10:20 continuing the tour

11:00 ending the tour and transfer back to the starting point


certified guide

all necessary equipment (kayaks, paddles, safety vest, dry bag…)

welcome drink & snack (local products)

minimum of 2 professional photos of you on the tour


water (at least 1L per person)

towels, sunscreen and swimming clothes

food for the picnic break

cellphones, cameras, GoPro’s

dry clothes to change after the tour

norin river gallery

And just to show you more of this beauty, here are few extra photos that we took during one of our tours. By looking at them you can see how vast and wild Norin river and Neretva valley are. But by looking at photos you can enjoy any place with only one of your senses. When you visit a place, you can sense it with all of them.

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