9 hours of amazing Biokovo mountain hike

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Biokovo mountain is closest to us and we often discover some of its most secluded parts. It’s a beautiful mountain and one of the most famous in Croatia. It has the third-highest peak in Croatia and that’s Sv. Jure with the 1762 meters of height. Although, the highest point in Croatia is the top of the TV relay on top of Sv. Jure, but this is artificial and you can’t stand there so it doesn’t count.

For this Biokovo mountain hike, we decided to climb Sv. Ilija (St. Elijah) peak above Baska Voda. Along with the neighboring Scirovac, it’s considered one of the hardest peaks to reach in Croatia. Biokovo offers many more adventures and peaks, some are reserved for experienced hikers, and some are beginners.

Beginning of the ascent to Sv. Ilija peak

Join us on this journey and find out how to make your Biokovo mountain hike true joy and rhapsody of feelings.

our biokovo mountain hike to Sv. Ilija

As we said, we have explored many peaks of this magnificent mountain. On this beautiful late winter day, we decided to go to Sv. Ilija, peak above Baska Voda and one of the highest peaks of Biokovo mountain range. The view from up there is mesmerizing with Makarska Riviera and a nearby island group looking like on the palm of your hand.

biokovo mountain hike
A good rest in beautiful environment is always a good option

We started early in the morning from old Baska Voda village. We knew that we’ll need around 4 hours to reach Sv. Ilija peak, maybe even more since we make few stops for coffee and photography. We like to document our adventures in the best way we can.

The trail to Sv. Ilija is well marked and it’s part of the Biokovo nature park so some things are forbidden, making fires and camping, for example. There are few options to reach this peak with each trail being different from another one. One will take you longer to reach the end, but it’s not so steep, the other ones are steeper, but you’ll stand on Sv. Ilija peak much sooner.

Beautiful Biokovo moutain

We chose a steeper trail because we already did the rest of the options and we wanted to see something different. The whole trail to the peak is beautiful and we knew that we’ll have some snow along the way up, especially in the places that are in the constant shade in these late winter months.

At the mountain shelter along the way

We really enjoyed this climb and we made a lot of stops, trying to enjoy every view from Biokovo mountain. We reached the peak some 5 hours after we started with the ascent. We even saw some Biokovo chamois during the climb. They are not a rare sight on Biokovo mountain, there is a high chance you’ll see them if you go hiking here, but they’ll always keep their distance from you. Don’t expect them to come close to you.

Almost on the St. Ilija peak

We spent 1 hour on the top and we already knew that we’re going to do part of our descent in the dark because the day is too short at this time of the year. But we were prepared for that even before we started our Biokovo mountain hike so it was ok. We brought headlamps with us and along with extra caution, that’s the only thing you need for night descent from the mountain.

Descending the Biokovo mountain in sunset

Seeing a sunset while returning from Biokovo mountain was a spectacular sight and it felt like a reward. These winter sunsets are somehow different from the summer ones, they have a special melancholic glow. And so we reached our van after one hour of hiking in the dusk and dark. The popular ‘bura’ wind was blowing and it was the cold and clear night that reminded me of a time when my friend and I went on ‘Biokovski vuk challenge’ (Wolf of Biokovo mountain) and we were sleeping out in the winter cold.

And we hiked in a dark for a while

what to have in mind when embarking on Biokovo mountain hike

Biokovo mountain hike is very likely to be a beautiful experience. But there are some things you need to take care of. First of all, proper hiking equipment is of the essence. Never ever try to hike the Biokovo or any other mountain in nothing less than real hiking boots. You’ll be surprised how many tourists coming to Croatia embark on a hiking adventure without the proper equipment.

On St. Ilija peak

Second, Biokovo mountain is much higher than it seems. It might seem to you like a one-hour hike when you are looking at it from a sea in Makarska bay. But it’s a different story when you start going up there. One of the most popular hiking trails of Biokovo mountain is one starting from Makarska and ending on Vosac peak above this city.

View from Vosac peak

We encourage you to do this hike because it’s a beautiful experience, all we ask is for you to take all the safety precautions to minimize any risks. If it’s summer, then start the hike very early, even before dawn. In this case, you’ll avoid most of the hottest part of the day. And trust us when we say that the heat in the mountain can be unbearable.

Take a lot of water with yourself. And we mean a lot. When you think you have enough of it, pour yourself another water bottle. You’ll need water more than anything else. Take proper clothes too. The hat is a must, don’t go on a summer hike without a hat and sunscreen. It makes all the difference in the world.

Beauty of Biokovo mountain hike

In the case of an accident, don’t hesitate to call 112 and ask for the assistance of the Croatian Mountain Rescue service. They are all volunteers and will help you at no charge. But make sure that you followed all the safety tips from this post. It’s not a good feeling for a person coming to get you in a long-sleeved work suit just to find out you went hiking in beach attire. Have respect toward yourself, others, and the mountain.

And finally, enjoy your Biokovo mountain hike adventure!!

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