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Vacation is the best outdoors. You didn’t come to Croatia to stay inside or lay on the beach every single day. There are times for everything, but you want to return home full of memories that will keep you alive until your next vacation. If you are staying in the south of Croatia and want to know the best Makarska adventure tours & activities, you’ll get all the info in this post. So stick around and enjoy the ride.

Not all the adventure tours & activities are strictly in Makarska, some of them are half an hour of drive away but that shouldn’t be the problem. Everything for the great memories, remember.


Wherever there is the sea, kayaking is always a good option and one of the best Makarska adventure tours you can do around. Especially if the coastline is as beautiful as it is in Makarska. You have a lot to discover here and kayaking is one of the best activities for exploring secluded beaches and other beauties of the coastline. We have recently written a post about kayaking in Croatia where you’ll find a lot of useful information if it’s your first time kayaking.

Sunset kayaking on Makarska Riviera

If you would like to have a guided kayaking tour you can check our Makarska sunset kayaking and Makarska night kayaking tours. Both of these tours are fantastic and cover some of the best parts of the Makarska Riviera coastline. Night kayaking is definitely one of the most unique activities you can try while staying in Makarska.

Night kayaking near Makarska, experience you must try


If you are staying in or googling about Makarska, you can’t miss that mighty mountain above it. It’s called Biokovo and it gives a lot of charm to Makarska city. A lot of people decide to stay in Makarska only because of that unique view of this mountain. Apart from just being simply beautiful, a large part of Biokovo mountain is the nature park and it has a lot of hiking trails you can walk on and reach some of the most beautiful viewpoints in Dalmatia.

On the top of St. Ilija peak on Biokovo mountain

Hiking is another one of the top Makarska adventure tours but you need to be extra careful when embarking on a hiking adventure. We have written everything about hiking in Croatia as well, so check it out for some useful tips that will help you to stay alive. Make sure never to go alone in the mountains and always take a lot of water with you. And remember, Biokovo is a lot higher than it seems from Makarska.

Descending from Vosac peak above Makarska

The good thing about Biokovo nature park is that you can also visit it in your car. The entrance to the park is just some 20 minutes of driving away from Makarska. The entrance fee is 50 HRK per person. If you decide to go exploring by car, prepare yourself for a lot of traffic since the road going through the park is pretty narrow.

Road through the Biokovo mountain

Don’t let yourself stay in the car all the time, go out and explore, hike to some nearby peaks and visit the park’s famous attraction – Biokovo skywalk. When it comes to the mountains peaks, we suggest Vošac peak as one with the best view. To reach it, you’ll need to hike for approximately 30 minutes from the parking lot beneath it.

Hiking near Makarska

You can find all the info about Biokovo nature park at the park’s official website.


Closest you can get to flying. Something new and wild. You have a few options when it comes to zipline in Makarska. The closest one is in Tučepi, some 15 minutes away, and it’s on the road that leads you to the Biokovo nature park. Zipline descent is organized by Tip Extreme agency and you can find all the information needed on their site.

Zipline in Tucepi, Image by: Tip Extreme

Larger and one of the most famous ziplines in Croatia is situated 30 minutes of driving away from Makarska, right in the canyon of the Cetina river near the city of Omiš. It’s one of the first ziplines in Croatia and it consists of a total of 9 separate steel lines that go along and across the Cetina river canyon. The zipline is run by Zipline Omiš and you can find all the info on their website.


Makarska adventure tours and activities list would be incomplete without the king of the land exploration – cycling. And by this, we mean cycling in any form. Whether you’re a fan of mountain bike cycling or you like to ride paved roads, you can find a bit of everything in Makarska.

Cycling in Makarska hinterland area, near the city of Vrgorac

If you are experienced in road cycling, you can even try to conquer Sv. Jure – the highest peak of Biokovo mountain. If not, you can roam around the Makarska and cycle to some cool spots too. A good thing is that the city of Makarska is somewhat connected with the nearby places such as Brela and Baška Voda and you can reach them by driving near the sea.

Jezero Valley near the Vrgorac city

If you are willing to drive just a bit more than half an hour, there is a vast hinterland part of Makarska Riviera and it’s full of wonders of its kind. We run our Makarska hinterland cycling tour there and the hinterland part is something we recommend you visit while staying in Makarska. Especially if you love good food and great wines.

Cycling in Zaostrog on Makarska Riviera

Rock climbing

Something for all the hardcore adventurers out there. As soon as you see Biokovo mountain, you know it’s perfect for a lot of things. Not only hiking but rock climbing as well. When it comes to Makarska adventure tours, this one is maybe the one that will make your adrenaline rush through your blood like crazy.

Rock climbing at Gradac on Makarska Riviera

If you are an experienced rock climber, you probably know everything. We can only suggest you try our favorite climbing area on Makarska Riviera and that is one above Brela. Many climbing routes of varying difficulty can make you climb for days without getting bored.

Rock climbing in Gradac

If you are not an experienced rock climber but you would still like to try this awesome activity, then we suggest you contact an agency or a club doing these kinds of tours. We organize our rock climbing tour on a climbing area at Gradac on Makarska Riviera and we climb on a rock perfect for beginners.

Rock climbing is perfect activity for training your mind

Whatever you choose, always remember to use all the safety equipment there is.


Rafting is an awesome and perfect activity for a hot summer day. The closest rafting tours near Makarska are organized on the Cetina river in Omiš. It’s just 30 minutes of driving away and many agencies in Makarska are selling rafting tours with a transfer included.

Rafting on Cetina river, Image by: Split Adventure

Rafting is an activity you can try even if you never tried it before. There is always a guide in a raft with you and you get all the equipment you need to safely enjoy this activity.


Another activity on the more adventurous side of the scale. Canyoning is one of the best Makarska adventure tours. It is being organized in the same canyon as rafting tours – the Cetina river canyon, but this time you’re exploring its upper part which is more suitable for canyoning than rafting. Join this activity and we guarantee that you’ll have some serious fun. Never go alone on a canyoning tour. Book an agency tour instead and let the professionals take care of you.

Canyoning in the Cetina river canyon, Image by: Red Adventures

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