Neretva delta – where the Sea meets the Sand

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When observed from the air, Neretva delta resembles the surface of planet Mars covered with water. Imagine yourself there, surrounded by beautiful nature and warm breeze touching your face. Song of the seagulls echoes through the hot summer air and you feel like you want to stay here forever.

Neretva delta is the true kingdom of sea, sun and sand. Parts of it are featured in our Neretva valley kayaking tour. Throughout the seasons you can find something worth coming there whether you are searching for the serenity and peace or you just want to refresh yourself. During the summer it’s heaven for kite surfers who gather there riding the afternoon’s winds. During the other seasons it’s just heaven. Highlight of the delta is definitely walking through the shallow water toward the middle of Pelješac bay just to find yourself in the middle of the sea. We can thank for this to Neretva river which carved this place through centuries and brought all the sand in which we can enjoy today.

We made this video when we bought our first drone DJI Phantom 3 Standard. We were overwhelmed with the opportunities it gave us in making new landscape photography creations.

Enjoy in video and photos and if you want more watch this video and this photo gallery.






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