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If you have chosen Podgora for your vacation destination in Croatia, you have chosen well. Makarska Riviera is one of the most famous places for a holiday in Croatia. But your holiday won’t be the same if you spend your time not aware of the best things to do in Podgora.

swiming is one of the best things to do in podgora
Swimming in crystal clear Adriatic Sea is one of the things to do in Podgora that attracts many tourists each year

Podgora is a really nice place and all those activities there are will make your Makarska Riviera vacation pleasant and memorable.

about podgora

Podgora is a small town on Makarska Riviera, located just a few kilometers away from the city of Makarska, the largest city in the vicinity. Like many other places of Makarska Riviera, Podgora started as a small fishermen village on the coast of Dalmatia.

At these times, most of the population lived in old villages that were situated on the slopes of Biokovo mountain. As the years progressed and tourism became a more and more relevant economic branch, the people slowly moved closer to the sea. And as tourism grew so the accommodation capacities grew with it.

Podgora today is a modern small town with tourism as the main economic branch. Being situated near the larger city of Makarska, Podgora has everything you need for your vacation in Croatia.

how to get there?

Getting to Podgora is easy like any place of Makarska Riviera. Most of the tourists come to Podgora either by car or by bus. There are no airports near Podgora and the closest one is Split airport, some 1 hour and 30 minutes of driving away.

There are many bus lines that pass through Podgora and buses are very frequent in the summer months with main lines connecting the cities of Split and Makarska. Many tourists who come to Croatia by airplane choose to rent a car and that’s one of the best things you can do if you’re coming to Croatia this way.

Driving in Croatia is easy, roads are pretty wide, you drive on the right side here and most of the roads are in very good condition. If you are coming to Podgora by car from some of the nearby countries, the fastest way to reach it is by using a main Croatian motorway and take the Makarska exit.

best time to visit podgora

Overall, summer is the season that attracts most of the visitors in Croatia. The weather is very hot and dry during that period. The Adriatic sea is at its warmest at this time of the year too. So if you want to enjoy the sun and the sea, then summer is the best option.

However, you must be aware that it can get pretty crowded during the high season in Croatia. A good alternative if you like fewer people around you would be visiting Podgora in June, the first half of July, or in September. The weather is pretty much the same as in August but it’s not as crowded.

what about things to do in podgora?

As Podgora is located near the Adriatic sea, people come here to visit it and mostly enjoy the sun and the sea combination. But there are many more things to do in Podgora if you are not that type of visitor.

With Podgora being on the sea, water sports and activities are prevalent. Then there is a Biokovo mountain just above the whole of Makarska Riviera and it’s worth exploring too, especially if you are a hiking enthusiast. Just beware of the heat that can become unbearable during the summer months.

Let’s start with things to do in Podgora.

visit the biokovo nature park

Biokovo nature park is located on the Biokovo mountain and it’s one of the most famous non-sea-related things to do in Podgora. It attracts many tourists with each passing season. The entrance to the Biokovo nature park is not far away from Podgora.

biokovo nature park hiking
Visiting Biokovo nature park is a must when it comes to things to do in Podgora

There is a paved road going through the whole park and the entrance fee is 50 HRK per person. You don’t need to pay an additional price for your car, you pay only for the passengers. The main attractions of Biokovo nature park are the newly built Biokovo skywalk and the highest peak of the Biokovo mountain Sv. Jure. We suggest you visit the Vosac peak too, it’s the peak with the best view on Makarska Riviera.

Have in mind that the road through the Biokovo nature park is narrow and you’ll need to have some driving experience before you embark on this adventure. The article we have written about this beautiful landscape will help you to discover all the good things about the nature park so make sure you read it.

try the zip line in Tucepi near podgora

Ziplines are a very popular adrenaline attractions lately. There were few being built in Croatia in the past few years. One of the most popular zip lines in Croatia, one situated in the canyon of Cetina river near the city of Omis, is just 30 minutes away from Podgora.

But there’s an even closer one. There’s a zip line located in Tucepi and run by Tip Extreme agency. There are 6 cables with a total length of 1000 meters and you descend them all when you book a tour. The price for going down this zip line is 300 HRK per adult person and children from 5 to 12 years of age pay half of the price.

The whole tour with the transfer and introduction lasts for around 2 hours. Definitely one of the most adventurous things to do in Podgora.

explore one of the secluded beaches

Like many other places on Makarska Riviera, Podgora has a large beach situated right in front of the town. And in the summer, it might seem to you that all the tourists are right there on that beach. That’s not far from the truth though.

things to do in podgora
Find yourself a nice secluded beach and enjoy

But you can try something else. Instead of finding your place on an overcrowded beach, you just need to find a secluded one and there are plenty of these around Podgora. They are usually a bit harder to reach so not everybody goes swimming there. Few of these are FKK beaches so don’t get scared if you see naked people around you. You can still choose the way you want to swim and enjoy in the silence of these secluded beaches.

go for a diving experience

When it comes to things to do in Podgora, diving is one of the most logical options. You have the beautiful and clear Adriatic sea and that’s all you need for a perfect diving experience. There’s a diving club in Podgora so contact them and book your diving session.

The Adriatic Sea is not as rich as some others, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see something you saw in some other seas. There are no coral reefs here, but you can still have some serious fun. Especially if you are a beginner to scuba diving. You can learn some of the diving basics and enter the world of this beautiful activity.

try one of the podgora kayaking tours

Kayaking is one of the best activities you can do on any sea and it’s one of the most relaxing things to do in Podgora. Whether you choose to rent a kayak and explore around or choose one of the guided tours available, you can’t miss it. Makarska Riviera is a beautiful stretch of coastline and there are many great places to explore by kayaking.

Kayaking is another cool thing to do around Podgora

We organize 2 kayak tours on Makarska Riviera and they take place just 20 minutes away from Podgora. Both of them explore some of the best places on the surrounding coastline. The first one is a relaxing and serene sunset kayaking tour that starts from Mala Duba and ends at Vira beach near Drvenik. Few stops are made during the duration of the tour and we use these breaks for swimming and snorkeling in the Adriatic sea.

leave no trace principles
Zen kayaking in sunset

The second tour we organize on the same piece of the coastline is one of the most romantic and unique kayaking tours in Croatia and that is the night kayaking tour. This tour starts soon after the sunset and you kayak under the Milky Way and all the stars of the night sky. There is not much light pollution on the route and you get to see many stars above you. At the same time, you get the chance to swim at night and observe the plankton glowing around you as you move in the sea.

Night kayaking is one of the most unique experiences of Makarska Riviera

Truly one of the most unique things to do in Podgora.

what else to see on makarska riviera and near it?

All these things to do in Podgora we mentioned in this article are located in the vicinity of this town. However, we urge you to discover other places of Makarska Riviera too. While being in Podgora, you are located in one of the most beautiful and most popular parts of Croatia. It would be a shame not to explore around.

One of the old villages

And we don’t just mean that you should explore only Makarska Riviera. There are some nearby places worth exploring that are located not so far away. Take the city of Omis for example. It’s a beautiful city just 30 minutes of driving away from Podgora. And there are many things to do in Omis. There is a beautiful Cetina canyon, Via Ferrata trail, or one of the most popular zip lines in Croatia. The city of Omis is also one of the most popular places for rock climbing in Croatia.

If you choose to go in another direction, you get into the beautiful landscape of Neretva valley. It’s a place full of sandy beaches and one of the most famous places for kite surfing in Croatia. On the edge of the Neretva valley, there is a beautiful nature of 7 Bacina lakes, one of the most serene places on the Adriatic coast.

Jumping in the cold spring at Bacina lakes

Either way, we hope we showed you that there are many things to do in Podgora. Most of them are easily accessible. All you need to do is go out and explore. Enjoy your holiday in Croatia!

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