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We love Bacina lakes and that’s no secret. If you happen to visit this unique place, you’ll fall in love with it too. We have written about Bacina lakes a few times now but we have never made our ultimate list of Bacina lakes activities you can try when visiting them.

The lush nature of Bacina lakes

Bacina lakes are not so big and we have covered everything you need to know about the activities you can do there. Of course, it would be hard to try them all and that’s not the point of this post. It wouldn’t be a good idea to take the kayaking and SUP tour since they cover pretty much the same area. With both tours equally interesting, you’ll simply have to choose whether you prefer kayak or surf board. Paddling it is in both cases.

The panoramic view of 7 Bacina lakes


Kayaking on Bacina lakes has been our specialty for years now and so far we are the only ones having the guided kayaking tours on Bacina lakes. Kayak is a great option to explore all the lakes and some places on the shore. Our kayaking tour is organized every morning since the lakes are much calmer during the mornings which has proven to be best for the overall experience of Bacina lakes. We had few afternoon tours during the past years but the constant wind can make kayaking harder, especially for the persons who never tried it.

Kayaking through the on of the canals

Among guided Bacina lakes activities, kayaking is maybe one that lasts the longest. If you choose to join us, you can expect up to 4 hours of relaxation, chill, and cool places. Of course, you won’t kayak for the whole time. There is a time for laying in a hammock or swimming in the warm lakes too.

The lake with the coolest color of all, visible only during the hottest days of summer

SUP tour

Our friend and colleague have started with his SUP tours a few years before us and he made a great story out of it. Stand Up Paddling is similar to kayaking and it’s one of the best Bacina lakes activities you can try. You can check his tours at Paddlesurf Bacina lakes.

During the SUP tour, Photo credit: Ivan Djelmic

He also has a nice secret oasis on Bacina lakes where he makes a special surprise for his guests. We tried it and enjoyed it.

Traditional boat excursion

Now here’s something different. We are still in the exploration of Bacina lakes from the water, but this time your boat has a motor. If you are not interested in doing any work, but still want to see all the lakes, this is a perfect tour for you.

Traditional boat safari tour

Two companies are running these traditional boat tours and both of them have their own beach bars from where these tours start. The boats used for the tours are traditional for the Neretva valley, they are called lađa and were used for the transportation of fruits and vegetables through the vast array of canals in Neretva valley.

The boat tour lasts for a little bit more than one hour and you explore all the connected lakes this way.

Cycling around the lakes

When it comes to Bacina lakes activities on the land, cycling is the winner. Gravel road goes almost around all the lakes and there will be even more cycling trails in the future.

Cycling at Bacina lakes

If you didn’t come to Bacina lakes with your own bike, you can rent one in one of the beach bars. When you go for a cycling ride, make sure you stop at some of the most famous places such as the Ocusa water spring or Mindel swimming point. If you want to try something local during your bike ride, we suggest you visit Eco Figo in Peračko blato and try some of their famous fig products.

Exploring the Maricevac tunnel

Now, this is something interesting and different from the rest of Bacina lakes activities. You see, there are 2 tunnels on Bacina lakes, one is 2 kilometers long and one is much shorter. Both of them were dug around 100 years ago and the longer one brings excess water from the river in Jezero Valley during the rainy season. That’s the longer one. The shorter one takes that extra water from the lakes to the sea.

In the Maricevac tunnel

During the winter, both tunnels are flooded and there is no chance of going through them. The water level in Bacina lakes is also significantly higher. But the good news is that the longer tunnel is usually dry during the summer months and can be explored.

Flooded Bacina lakes

It is situated in Peračko blato and if you are cycling around the lakes you can’t miss it. Feel free to explore it while it’s dry and don’t forget to bring some light lamps and warmer clothes.

Once huge lake, Jezero valley today is the largest vineyard of Croatia

Chilling at the beach bar

Ah yes. We often do this. There are only 2 beach bars in the whole area of Bacina lakes and it doesn’t matter which one you choose for your chillout session. If you leave adventure stuff out of the equation, this is one of our favorite Bacina lakes activities.

Just imagine you have ended your kayaking exploration of the lakes and you stop at the beach bar to take a sip of a nice coffee in the shade of the lush vegetation of Bacina lakes. It feels you could stay there forever.

Swimming at one of the beaches

You didn’t think of leaving before you swim in the lakes, did you? Don’t let yourself visit this place without using the chance of immersing yourself in the rejuvenating water of Bacina lakes. The water temperature in the Bacina lakes is always warmer than in the sea so you can swim even in the months when the sea is significantly colder. If you have never swum in the lakes but you have in the sea, you’ll notice that swimming in the freshwater is a bit harder since no salt’s pushing you toward the surface.

Jumping into the cold water of Ocusa spring

Years ago, Bacina lakes were full of leeches that would be stuck onto you and suck your blood. I know, it doesn’t sound nice, but a lot of people came to lakes specifically because of the leeches. Traditional medicine, nothing like good old traditional medicine. But worry not, leeches got extinct in the past decades and nothing will bother you now. Out of all the Bacina lakes activities, this is one you must not skip. That’s why we put it last on this list, logically.

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