Swiss – Italian Alps hiking tour

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A total of seven days were spent high in the Swiss-Italian Alps with five days spent above 3000 meters. I did this perfect highland tour with the hiking club Željezničar from Zagreb back in 2013. The highest peak we climbed during this hiking tour was Punta Gniffeti (Signalkuppe) with a total of 4554 meters. It’s also the home to the highest European mountain hut St. Margherite. To this day it remains my highest climbed peak. It was an absolute thrill to spend 5 days in the kingdom of mountains. We walked approximately 7 hours each day and each night we spent at another mountain hut. We didn’t have much trouble with the height sickness, at least not in its most acute form. However, we had to walk slowly in order to avoid losing breath.

We started our journey at Zermatt. A beautiful picturesque village in the Swiss Alps. We reached Breithorn using the cable car. They say Breithorn is the easiest 4000m peak to climb. For the rest of the days, we moved through the Alps and climbed some of the peaks with heights above 4000 meters such as Castor.

Matterhorn, a symbol of Switzerland was in our sight most of the time. One of the Željezničar’s hiking groups to go to Switzerland this summer intended to climb it and they succeeded in it.

This was my final “higher” tour with Željezničar with some of the previous tours being GrossGlockner, GrossVenegdiger, and Triglav.

Since we are also adventure weddings and elopement photographers and guides, we have also written a comprehensive guide for planning and organizing elopement in Switzerland.



Eo ga...naša ekipa ga je ispenjala, svaka čast

Opet onaj od maloprije, al iz drugog kuta

Planine pod snijegom su Breithorn i Mali od Matterhorna

Rano jutro, pola 6...

Krajolik je cijelo vrijeme kao iz neke bajke



Monte Rosa Hute i Matterhorn

Zadnja slika Matterhorna i mini stijene koja se fura na njega

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