Family holidays in Croatia: 5 tips to make them your best holidays ever

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Gather your family and start planning your family holidays in Croatia. “Why would I do that?” – you might ask. Because Croatia family holidays might be one of your best holidays ever. No, seriously, Croatia is the perfect country for all kinds of vacation and your family will love it.

family holidays in croatia
Family adventure on Bacina lakes

It has all the ingredients of a perfect vacation, and if you are to follow the simple tips we bring in this text, you’ll wish you never return home.

the best season for family holidays in croatia

First of all, you need to choose the best season for your Croatia family holidays. And we will be short here. The answer is summer either way you look. Most of the families visit Croatia in summer simply because of the school holidays.

Summer is the season with the best weather in Croatia. Everything is open, all the bars, restaurants, and attractions. No need to think about it further, summer is the best time for your family holidays in Croatia.

croatia family holidays
Summer is the best season for family holidays in Croatia

There’s just one small and easily solvable thing. If you don’t like crowded beaches and lots of people overall, consider avoiding the high season and that would be the period from the 15th of July to the 20th of August. Everything out of that means fewer people and more space. Beginning of the September would be a great option for you, the weather is still warm and everything is like in the middle of the summer, just the crowds are gone.

plan your trip together

Nothing better than a family planning their experience together. For sure, older members of the family will be in charge of most things, but your kids would love it if you are going to share your ideas with them. And they would love you to consider their ideas too.

Bacina lakes

It’s a family holiday so everyone needs to be included. That way, you’re going to have good quality family time even before your family holidays in Croatia even begin. And you can have different tasks for every family member. Your son could be in charge of finding the best family adventure in Croatia while your daughter might be in charge of planning the camping evening.

After everybody did their search, you gather together and discuss it. It can be really fun and it can make a difference for everyone.

go on a family adventure

One of the best things you can do during your family holidays in Croatia is to go on a mutual adventure. And there is a ton of these in Croatia. You can choose between zip lines, rafting’s, kayaking tours, cycling trips…

Croatia family holidays adventure

We suggest you choose something in which everybody will participate and all of you will be together. If you are a large family, you can have a whole raft just for you. Family rafting, how cool that sounds. If you are a smaller family, kayaking is a good option. Most of the kayaks offered are often 2 seated ones so you can pair up and have water fights along the way.

What about a hiking adventure? Croatia is full of mountains and if you want to introduce a healthy way of living to your children, then hiking might be a good option. You can choose between one-day hikes or multi-day hiking adventures.

choose the right accommodation

Your Croatia family holidays won’t be as good as they might be if you choose bad accommodation. Imagine booking an apartment in a house with 7 other apartments. Then you come to your vacation and you need to listen to other guests all the time. Not a dream holiday, right?

Choose a remote vacation house instead. Croatia is full of these. Smaller ones, larger ones. With pools, saunas, trampolines. In this kind of accommodation, you and your family will be alone, far from others and you have a lot of contents at your disposal. Overall, you’ll spend more quality time than in other accommodation types.

dinara mountain cottage
Remote cottage on Dinara mountain

When it comes to price, these vacation houses tend to be more expensive, but are a perfect fit for families and we believe that it’s the best accommodation choice you can make. You can even choose a special accommodation type such as tree houses or seclude mountain cottages.

croatia family holidays are best when traveling around

Holidays are made for traveling around and your family holidays in Croatia will be a little bit boring if you choose to stay at the same place all the time. You need to travel around and explore cool places with your family.

Beautiful landscape of Neretva river mouth

Maybe they won’t be so boring to you, but your kids would love to experience as much as possible. They’re just children and as such, they are very curious so go on an exploration together and satisfy their curiosity. It’s a great way of bonding too and you’ll speak about your travels for a long time, even after your Croatia family holidays are over.

make your children (and family) happy

This tip is maybe a little bit of a general tip, but it should be. We don’t know your children or your family, you know them the best. So it’s you who knows what works for your family and what choices to make for your family holidays in Croatia to be the best ones.

Rock climbing is perfect for young children too

But one thing we know and that is, when the children are happy, everybody else is happy too. So try to think about things your children like and make them jump around with joy.

consider camping for at least one night

We are outdoor types of persons and we always promote tours and trips in nature as the best way to spend family holidays in Croatia. Time in nature is always a time well spent. And so the only logical thing to recommend you at this point is to take your family camping in the wilderness. At least for one night.

Your children will love camping trip

Spending time in nature is a healthy habit, especially when you become a bit older. Maybe your Croatia family holidays are just the right time to teach your children how good can a time in nature be. Just imagine you and your family around the campfire telling the ghost stories and enjoying the overall experience.

We assure you that it’s an experience your family will never forget. Enjoy your Croatia family holidays and contact us if we can be of any assistance.

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