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Welcome to the virtual home of our adventure travels. Life and Ventures project was always imagined as a platform where we’ll publish some of our most recent adventures. Some of the stories featured below are from Croatia and some from the other countries we have visited. But they all have one thing in common – adventure. We always prefer to go off the beaten path, explore natural wonders of the country rather than urban areas. We always take our photo gear (cameras and drone) with us and the final product is almost always written story, photography and a short video of the place we visited.

Explore our blog, find some interesting places in Croatia that might help you plan your trip to our country. If you need any tips, feel free to contact us anytime. Some of the stories featured in this blog cover some places that are not accessible without the proper gear. Always be aware of your limits and respect nature.

Apart from this blog we run a separate blog about adventure elopements in Croatia so you might want to check that one as well if you are interested in that topic.

Read some of our adventures and enjoy yours!

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