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Welcome to the virtual home of our adventure travels. Life and Ventures project was always imagined as a platform where we’ll publish some of our most recent adventures. Some of the stories featured below are from Croatia and some from the other countries we have visited. But they all have one thing in common – adventure. We always prefer to go off the beaten path, explore natural wonders of the country rather than urban areas. We always take our photo gear (cameras and drone) with us and the final product is almost always written story, photography and a short video of the place we visited.

Explore our blog, find some interesting places in Croatia that might help you plan your trip to our country. If you need any tips, feel free to contact us anytime. Some of the stories featured in this blog cover some places that are not accessible without the proper gear. Always be aware of your limits and respect nature.

Apart from this blog we run a separate blog about adventure elopements in Croatia so you might want to check that one as well if you are interested in that topic.

Read some of our adventures and enjoy yours!


Chasing the Jacobite steam train (Harry Potter train)

Last year we decided to visit Scotland. We were always attracted to this country and it was always on our bucket list. So finally, the moment arrived and we started to prepare for the upcoming visit. We had a similar Ireland adventure 2 years ago and we knew exactly what to expect and how we

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Baćinska jezera

Udaljena svega par kilometara od Ploča, Baćinska jezera neizbježan su prizor za sve koji putuju magistralom između Splita i Dubrovnika. U srcu sezone gotovo je nemoguće pronaći parkirno mjesto na vidikovcu s kojeg puca pogled na svu tu netaknutu prirodu. Uvijek je tu gomila turista i mnoštvo fotoaparata uperenih u jezera s namjerom da ponesu

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Zagorje – land of castles and legends

Zagorje is the northernmost part of Croatia. It’s a land of hills, medieval castles and it’s a place where the remnants of Neanderthals were found. Word Zagorje literally means “beyond mountain”. It’s an unique region of Croatia and a great place to visit and explore. It’s picturesque green hills and intact nature will leave you

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Dinara – ljepotica dalmatinske zagore

Dinara nije najveća Hrvatska planina. Nije ni najpoznatija niti se o njoj piše kao o njenoj braći Velebitu i Biokovu. Iako ima najviši hrvatski vrh ni to je često ne uzdiže iznad drugih, daleko popularnijih i zastupljenijih planina. Dinara je oduvijek bila samozatajni div Dalmatinske zagore. Planina koja mi je prirasla srcu još otkad me

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Bacina lakes – Serenity oasis of Dalmatia

Baćina lakes is a group consisting of 7 lakes (Oćuša, Crniševo, Podgora, Sladinac, Vranjak, Vitanj and Plitko jezero), 6 of which are connected by passages and canals. Situated just few kilometers from Ploče, city in central Dalmatia, these lakes are inevitable landmark for everyone traveling on the main road between famous cities of Split and

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Biokovo winter adventure

Biokovo is one of the most beautiful Croatian mountains and largest one in Dalmatia. Top of the TV relay tower on its highest peak is also the highest point in Croatia (1850m). There are lot of things this mountain offers. Rock climbing, hiking, trail running, paragliding, alpinism and many more. It’s also protected nature park

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Fall in the Devil’s passage

Imagine yourself standing at an old railway station some 700 meters above the sea level. In fact, it’s the highest railway station in Croatia. It’s early in the morning, mist covering the canyon bellow, sun is piercing from the east and you hear only sounds of nature. Eventually rumbling sound of a train in a

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Neretva delta – where the Sea meets the Sand

When observed from the air, Neretva delta resembles the surface of planet Mars covered with water. Imagine yourself there, surrounded by beautiful nature and warm breeze touching your face. Song of the seagulls echoes through the hot summer air and you feel like you want to stay here forever. Neretva delta is the true kingdom of

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Swiss – Italian Alps hiking tour

A total of seven days spent high in the Swiss-Italian Alps with five days spent above 3000 meters. I did this perfect highland tour with hiking club Željezničar from Zagreb back in the 2013. Highest peak we have climbed at during this hiking tour was Punta Gniffeti (Signalkuppe) with total of 4554 meters. It’s also

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Grossvenediger (3666m) tour was done in the summer of 2012. with hiking club Željezničar from Zagreb. It was my first climbed peak with over 3000 meters and it has a special place in my memories. And memories are from where a draw these lines because I write about ascent on Grossvenediger almost 7 years after

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Ireland adventure travel

It’s middle of summer of 2014 and it’s hot as hell in small island of Malta. I’m enjoying it here and I have one more month of my stay. I have no idea what I will do when I return home, where to go next, I know nothing, I simply am. Ireland has been my

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Adventure guide – best job in the world

Since some few years ago I became very interested in idea of doing the job of an adventure travel guide in Croatia. I was sending some applications for the travel companies on the shore and nobody was answering my mails. Adventure travel guide job positions were nowhere to be found. If the things didn’t arrange

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After having climbed Grossvenediger peak in Austrian Alps the time has come to climb his higher brother as well. Grossglockner tour was done with hiking club Željezničar as well and we climbed this peak in summer of 2013. Grossglockner is highest Austrian peak with total of 3798 meters and it’s situated in Hohe Tauern national

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Triglav ascent

Triglav ascent happened during the same summer as Grossglockner tour, in the year of 2013. It was also done with a Croatian hiking club Željezničar from Zagreb. Not much can be said about Triglav that is unfamiliar. It’s the highest mountain peak in Slovenia with total of 2864 meters. It’s also most familiar mountain in

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Georgia adventure travel

I was still having fun in Turkey when the invitation for project in Georgia came from our president. The president of our association Perpetuum, not the president of Croatia. Seven days, Bakuriani – Georgia’s most famous ski resort and a project about personal development and non-violent communication. I knew I had to work and finish my final thesis, I needed to do this, I needed to do that, but call of Georgia was stronger than call of everything else. Without any particular reflections about

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