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Yes, most of them. All of our tours are designed to be more enjoyable and less exhausting. All of the them have rest stops during the tour. However, sometimes the weather can interfere (wind and waves) so it can happen that you’ll have a better exercise then expected.

Of course, you have to try it sometimes so why not do it with us. All of our kayaks are open and stable so even if you flip (never happened so far) you’ll just have a nice swimm. They keep a direction really well so you don’t have to worry that you’ll go in circles. Paddling is pretty simple too. You’ll learn it in matter of minutes.

It’s ok to be afraid of heights and it’s ok to challenge your fears from time to time. Rock climbing tour we organize is perfect for beginners because it’s meant to be an introduction to the world of rock climbing. Guide you will be climbing with has Alpine school certificate and all of the equipment is attested. Not to mention that every piece of it is made to withstand enormous forces so you don’t need to worry in anything breaking apart. 

Of course, he/she won’t do much of the paddling but will enjoy anyways. Kayaks we use have spaces for 2 adults and one child so no worries. And children absolutely love to sit in the front of the kayak, trust us.

Yes, it wouldn’t be the first dog to be with us on a tour. You just need to contact us prior to the tour and inform us about your pet. Also, you must be sure that your pet will be ok with being on a water and it won’t disturb other guests. We suggest you book a private tour if you have a pet.

Unfortunately not. At this moment we have no office at starting point of any of our tours. Booking is necessary in order for us to prepare all the equipment for upcoming tour.

Yes, that can happen. Not often during the summer but it’s posibble. In a case of a severe weather we’ll cancel the tour and inform you about it. You’ll have an option to reschedule your tour date to sam day with better weather or you’ll be fully refunded.

Then you are on a right place. We try to keep our groups as small as posibble, usually up to 10 persone per group (more if everybody know each other). We believe that it’s the right thing to do for a maximum positive experience of the tour. Also, there is an option to book your private tour.

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we have some good news for you!

We decided that all of our tours will be private in the season of 2020! That means that you (and/or your group) will be the only ones on any given tour. We made this decision to make you more comfortable in times like these and to make your experience with us unforgettable.

You can find more info about Covid 19 in Croatia in our FAQ section. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

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