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We try to travel a lot during the year, discover and explore new places, people and countries. We often explore Croatia and our surroundings and we implement gained knowledge in designing new adventure tours in Dalmatia. Since we are in the photo / video business as well we love to film all of our adventures. This is the video section of our adventure travels and if you would like to read some stories about the places we have visited go ahead and visit our adventure travel blog. These videos feature some of the places where our adventure tours in Dalmatia take place and some others are from the countries we visited.

Even more adventure movies are available on our YouTube channel.

Bacina lakes are a group of 7 lakes near the city of Ploce and they are featured in our Bacina lakes kayaking tour. They are one of the rare peaceful and quiet places on the Adriatic coast during the Summer season.

Neretva is one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers. It starts its journey in Bosnia and ends it near the city of Ploče. Neretva river delta is perfect for many things and we have our Neretva valley kayaking tour in this beautiful landscape. It’s also one of the most popular spots for kitesurfing in Croatia and here you can find out more about Neretva delta.

The area of the city of Ploče has a rich military past. Being considered as a strategic point, this city and its surroundings were always interesting to the military. In this video, we explore abandoned military tunnels that were used for hiding during the bombardments and as a storage of military equipment. We have written a blog post about some other military structures around the city of Ploče.

Paklina mine is now abandoned tar mine near the city of Vrgorac. It was a very important place in previous centuries and one of the most famous mines in Dalmatia. Today it’s closed for visits but some plans for its renovation are existent.

Omiš is one of the best places for adventure tourism in Croatia. It has a Cetina river where you can go on a rafting tour, one of the best ziplines in Croatia and so on. Our adventure is something little different, called Via Ferrata. It’s kind of a mixture between hiking and rock climbing.

After heavy rainfall, Baćina lakes tent do flood and in that process, a stream coming from a tunnel in Peračko blato is made. Apart from Plitvice lakes where you are not allowed to have any kind of water activity, Bacina lakes are the only lakes in Croatia where you can do some kind of whitewater kayaking.

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